Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Port-Bou, Leucate-La Franqui, Frontignan

Time to leave Spain, and today I'm doing through the classic station of Port Bou
Changing trains here from Spanish to French

Freight trains are also arriving at the station
Class 186 in Spain

SNCF Ter trains are displayed only until Cerbere

Class 186 with support for D, B, F (not Spain)

More spotters
Leucate-La Franqui

186 301, Euro Cargo Rail

SNCF Class BB 27000

Contank from Castellbisball Barcelona

Super long and super heavy train

TGV inOui train

DE18 RegioRail

Port La Nouvelle


Freight train passing through Narbonne station

Lorry-Rail wagon


SNCF Class BB 26000 with oil wagons


Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Portugal
SNCF Class BB 37000 with country package F, CH
No SNCF logo here. The locomotive is owned by Akiem and leased to Lineas?


SNCF Class BB 7200
37012, CFL Cargo 
With country package F, D

SNCF BB 7200
7345 is a freight version of BB 7200

A long is probably heavy train
TER from liO

TER from ZOU!



Arriving at Avignon where I'll stay at the hotel


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