Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Runsala, Örebro, Mosås

Today I'm visiting places around Närke.
 First, I'm stopping by at Hasselfors
Hector Rail train from Värtan to Norway

 At Runsala (somewhere between Hallsberg and Motala) I'm spotting train 29212
 It is a transport arranged by Inlandsbanan from Ystad to Kristinehamn
 Alstom Lint DMU is being transported from the Netherlands
 Second hand trains will be used later by Inlandsbanan after they will be refurbished and repainted

The Dutch language is still visible on the display of the train
 Tåg i Bergslagen on the route to Mjölby
 From Mjölby
 Train 5360 Nässjö-Hallsberg

 Rc4 1301
 Train 42021 Luleå-Helsingborg

 Rc4 1197

 Spring is here
 Railway workers at Örebro Södra
 X53 9050

 Train 49684 Folkesta-Skandiahamnen

 Rc4 1146

 Train 45942 Frövi-Charlottenberg
 Rc4 1269
 Rc4 1315

 Train 9093 Borlänge-Karlshamn
 Rd2 1121

 Train spotting at nature reserve Boglundsängen

 Train 49520 Skandiahamnen-Avesta Krylbo
 Rc4 1144

 I'm now located at Mosås


 Train 48804 Bålsta-Norway

 Rc2 009


 Train 45943

 Train 48804 once again, this time at Svartå

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