Monday, April 20, 2020

Laxå, Örebro S, Kolbäck, Dingtuna, Bro

Today I'm on my way from Laxå to Bro (outside Stockholm)
 Freight train switching from Värmlandsbanan to Västra Stambanan

 Train 71
 Night train from Duved and Luleå

 Train 16550

 Örebro Södra
 Hector Rail train to Frövi
 441.002 "Eurosprinter"

 Train 64364 with four Rd2
 Rd2 1102, 1094, 1105, 1096



 Train 44252 from Bro to Malmö close to Tortuna
 185 674

 SL X60


 Coop terminal in Bro is connected to the railway.
 Two daily freight trains are transporting Coop goods
 Train 44222 with 185 679

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