Thursday, April 9, 2020

Råbäck (Kinnekulle), Töreboda

It's April, nice weather and I'm visiting today the Kinnekulle mountain and the surrounding areas.
 First, I got a sight of a squirrel

 Lake Skagern
 Rudskoga church
 Lake Vänern and Äskeviken bay


 Hellekis säteri

 Nearby is the Kinnekullebanan railway and the station Råbäck

 Kinnekulle stenbrott, grand quarry

 The top point and the viewing tower (which was unfortunately closed)

 The view over the lake

 Not far from Kinnekulle is Västra stambanan railway and the station of Töreboda
 Here I can spot CFL Cargo train 50753 from Insjön to Skandiahamnen

 Rc4 1140 from Nordic Re-Finance

 Containers from the largest container shipping companies

 Töreboda station
 X52 9041 is arriving from Göteborg
 Normally this station is operated only by SJ Regional trains but during the rush hours, Västtåg train is continuing to Töreboda instead of terminating at Skövde.

 X74 from MTRX

 Another container train, this is 5540 from Skandiahamnen to Eskilstuna

 Rd2 1032

 X52 9081 at Svartå station
 Tågab train at Svartå
 Rc3 1062


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