Saturday, April 18, 2020


Today, I'm traveling around my usual trip around Närke, starting in Laxå and finishing in Svartå.
 First, a slightly delayed RRS train 42953 from Umeå to Göteborg Sävenäs is aproaching Laxå
 Rc4 1288

 40 minutes later, I'm spotting train 4190 from Malmö to Hallsberg near Rönneshytta

 Rc4 1308 and 1302

 Train 5110 Malmö-Hallsberg at Runsala/Dunsjö
 Rd2 1044

 The old stretch of the railway near Dunsjö
 Since December 2019 DB Cargo Scandinavia is operating the domestic line Hallsberg-Trelleborg
 Here is train 44983
 185 322 Traxx F140 AC2 is used here
  The line is a cooperation between DB Cargo Scandinavia and Spedition Bode
 Now there are at least 6 operators in Sweden using same locomotive type: Green Cargo, Hectorrail, TX Logistics, CFL Cargo, CargoNet and now DB Cargo Scandinavia
 From Trelleborg, the freight wagons will continue by ferry to Travemünde in Germany
 Lidl is one of the customers transporting their goods in this train

 Near Jakobshyttan, at the old stretch of the railway, I can spot the border between two regions for the railway Hallsberg-Mjölby

 Train 4913 Vännäs-Nässjö near Jakobshyttan

 Rc4 1269

 Second RRS train I spot today, this is 42025 from Gammelstad (near Luleå) to Helsingborg, a trip of 1608km that takes almost 23h

 Rd2 1115

 Tågab train 47554 from Stockaryd to Kristinehamn
 Rc2 008

 At Vretstorp there is some activity near the railway crossing
 Train 5566 from Göteborg Sävenäs to Hallsberg
 Rd2 1099

 I'm back at Laxå

 This is the first passenger train I spot today, so far I have been focusing only on freight trains
 Y31 1412 from Hallsberg to Mariestad

 Train 9052 from Göteborg to Borlänge

 Rd2 1114

 Later in the evening, I can spot two trains heading to northern Norway. Due to railway works they are diverted to Värmlandsbanan instead of Bergslagsbanan
 185 714 Traxx F140 AC2
 First, it is the Arctic Rail Express train 41932

 Shortly after, the North Rail Express train 4022

 Rc4 1162 and 1313

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