Monday, April 6, 2020

Karlsborg, Zinkgruvan, Jakobshyttan, Laxå

During some more days in April, I will be spending on traveling around the Närke region, visiting both places related to trains and nature.
 First, a short stop at Tiveden natural reserve
 Tiveden is a popular place among tourists from Germany and the Netherlands.

 Not far from Tiveden is Karlsborg
 DC3 aircraft at Karlsborg
 Lake Vättern

 Coffee time at a cafe in Askersund

 On the following day, I'm visiting more places related to nature.

 Tysslinge nature reserve is a paradise for birds

 After two days of birds and nature, I'm heading to my favorite spots in Närke.
 Tågab train 48302 to Vislanda
 Rc2 1045 at Runsala

 Hectorrail train 40970 to Hallsberg
 441 001 Eurosprinter and 241 001 Traxx

 Train 5360 to Hallsberg
 Rd2 1136 and Rc4 1155 at Mariedam

 Zinkgruvan is located near the railway Hallsberg-Mjölby
 The village is famous for its mining industry started by the Belgian company Vieille Montagne in 1857, hence the name Zinkgruvan (literally "the zinc mine" in English). Zinkgruvan was founded around the mine in the 1860s, and the history of the village is closely tied to the history of the mine. The people living in Zinkgruvan are mostly mine workers. (Wikipedia)

 Many wind power stations have been located here recently


 Train 55401 from Eslöv to Hallsberg

 Train 55658 from Hallsberg to Värnamo

 X51 near Jakobshyttan
 Train 9090 from Karlshamn to Borlänge
 Rc4 1274

 Train 40971
 441 001 is already back to Malmö

 Train 5100 from Malmö
 Train 44203 to Malmö
 185 715 Traxx F140 AC2 from Railpool and TX Logistics

 Here they meet right in from of me

 Train 59599 to Nässjö
 Rc4 1158

 Train 5615 to Malmö
 Rd2 1136

 Train 5118 from Trelleborg to Hallsberg
 Rm 1257


 Train 61281 to Falköping

 241 001 I saw earlier today

 Train 41432 Skövde-Holmsund
 143 060, Rc3

 143 046

 Train 49501 Insjön-Skandiahamnen

185 686

 This Traxx is operated by CFL Cargo


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