Friday, April 10, 2020


Today I'm visiting a place just north of Hallsberg.
 I'm just in time for the morning train from Hallsberg to Frövi
 The sun is on the other side, but soon this train will be returning back to Hallsberg so I will have a chance to take a photo from the "right" side
 During the pandemic of Covid-19, SJ is running shorter trains and with less frequency due to few travelers.

 T43 from Nordic Re-Finance is parked here
 Train 47034 from Kristinehamn to Vallvik is leaving Hallsberg

 Rc2 001 is painted with an unusual yellow livery.

 TMZ 109 is following with the train, it will be used for the last non-electrified part to Vallvik Mill pulp industry

 Train 40062 from Värtan to Hallsberg
 Rc3 1054, 1039 and T43 229

 Train 75180 from Hallsberg to Borlänge
 Rd2 1080, 1079 and Br 5334


 RRS train 42025 from Ånge to Hallsberg

 Rc4 1284 and Rd2 1116

 Train 40983 is returning from Frövi just as I expected. Today it has Traxx instead of Eurosprinter locomotive
 241.012 "Chewbacca" from Hectorrail

 Train 6650
 Rd2 1032
 Due to the pandemic and the fact that SJ Regional trains are being gradually replaced from the old locomotive-hauled coach trains to Stadler EMU, the older cars are being parked here in Hallsberg


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