Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Kilsmo, Folkesta, Arboga, Mosås

Due to the Corona outbreak, I have been traveling exclusively by car in recent weeks, and today I will continue doing that. Sweden has not imposed any restrictions on traveling, as long as travelers can maintain the safety distance.
 I start and end this post with Tågab Rc2 train passing by Svartå
 Rc2 007
 Tågab train to Grums
 At Kilsmo I can spot the new ER1 Stadler Kiss Dosto EMU. This is the second line this type of train is deployed at, and the line is Stockholm-Katrineholm-Hallsberg.

 Train 4465

 Rc4 1160

 At Folkesta I can spot X12

 ER1 on the route Arboga-Stockholm

 Tågfrakt 49684
 Rc4 1164

 A tram is being transported on the road
 Seems to be a tram from Norrköping
 Train 9130
 Rc4 1151

 Train 55733 to Trelleborg
 TMZ 1418 from Railcare

 Train 46330
 It is a transportation of the new ER1 EMU to Tillberga
 241 012 Traxx

 Train 9133


 Train 59914
 TMY 1122

 Train 6672

 Rm 1257

 Train 5540

 Rc4 1312

 Train 59881

 TMX 104


 Train 62806
 187 400 Traxx AC3


 Train 5909

 Rc4 1165 and 1302

 Train 44203

 185 682 Traxx AC2

 X2 upgraded version in test

 Train 6672
 Rd2 1089

 Train 6642

 Rm 1257

 Train 45628 returning from Tillberga


 Train 49520

 Rc4 1144

 The second Coop train from Bro, this time bound for Alvesta, this is the train 44213
 185 674 Traxx AC2


 Train 47022
 TMZ 109

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