Friday, June 2, 2023

Hachette, Tilly, Limal, Couillet, Bierges-Walibi, Avesnes

I'm heading to Belgium just like one year ago it is perfect weather
Brussels Airlines in Bromma airport, not for so long though - soon the airline will move to Arlanda.

Zaventem airport in Belgium
Hotel decoration
A cat is welcoming me
First I'm staying in Wallonia - a French-speaking part of Belgium
I'm near Wavre, at the Bierges-Walibi station
The railway line between Louvain (Leuven) and Ottignies is an important freight link
Class 13 hauling steel train coming from Châtelet and heading towards Genk

More freight trains this late night
This one is probably from the container terminal in Athus near Luxembourg

Next day I'm exploring more of Wallonia, the Hainaut region, and even the Nord region of France
Near Charleroi there is a history of coal mining - here is Bois du Cazier

At Couillet, I can spot the freshly painted 186 454 from Lineas

"No time to waste" created by Pieter Vanraefelghem

The train is similar to the one in Sweden running between Borlänge and Luleå/Oxelösund

Solre-Sur-Sambre station at the line 130A Charleroi - Erquelinnes

The line was once an international route for trains between Paris and Cologne, today there are only regional trains until the border and some occasional trains crossing the border to Maubege

The line should also have freight trains, even though I have not seen any last time I was visiting. Here is one though
186 255

It says that "This locomotive pulled the world's longest mobile street artwork #Noahs Train 20.02.2019"

After crossing the border, I'm hoping to see some freight trains in France 
Avesnes station is located at the Transversale Nord-Est, the main freight railway between Lille and Thionville
However, I did not see any freight train here, maybe there are railworks ahead. The passenger trains are only until Hirson

Hachette station at Creil-Jeumont railway 
Here there is more freight activity 

Nothing at Berlaimont

From France I'm heading back to Belgium

Tilly station

Almost like in Croatia

I'm back near Wavre (at Limal station), here it's full speed for the freight



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