Sunday, June 4, 2023

Gent, Zwijndrecht, Ekeren, Gentbrugge

Today I'm heading to Gent via Antwerp
At Ekeren, I can spot some trains. Today trains are rerouted here from the high speed line due to railworks
Intercity Brussels-Amsterdam
Regional train

Thalys PBA

The suburbs of Antwerp, sometimes remind me of East Europe

Linkeroever area of Antwerpen

In 1933, Le Corbusier participated in an international competition to design a new, modern city for the Linkeroever (‘Left Bank’) in Antwerp. He wanted to build an ideal city, a ‘Ville Radieuse’, or ‘Radiant City’, which was his response to the inhumanity of the 19th-century city, with its narrow streets, dark houses, and lack of hygiene. He dreamt of an orderly city with lots of green spaces, in which pedestrians could move freely. However, the competition ended with no winners, therefore Le Corbusier’s plans were never implemented. 
It wasn’t until a second competition was held, in 1961, that Linkeroever took its current shape based on the plans for ‘Europark’: a neighborhood with modernist high-rise buildings in green surroundings with plenty of fresh air, light, and space. (

Zwijndrecht station at the railway Antwerp-Ghent

Gent St.Pieters station
Busses and trams at the station

Busy station
Two generations of wagons

Beautiful station, almost like a Cathedral

Visiting Gentbrugge station
Freight trains leaving Gent-Zeehaven railyard
Class 77 and 78. The only difference is that Class 78 is fitted with ATB and PZB in 2008 for work in Germany

Class 19
Another diesel freight train - must be some diversion through non electrified line

186 427, Lineas

Wagons from Sweden, it is a so-called "Volvo" train from Olofström/Älmhult

186 300, RTB Cargo

Railway line is seen from the Brusselsesteenweg
Trams in Gent

Nice decorations on the streets

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