Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Melle, Maria-Aalter, Gentbrugge,

Visiting stations around Gent
Melle station at the railway to Mechelen and Brussels
Diesel railcar and locomotive

When in Belgium, always have a glass of Belgian beer

Opera Gent and Ketelbrug

It is possible to spot freight trains at Sint Pieters station, but there are too many platforms here
Trains with direction Dampoort are using track 1

Visiting Maria-Aalter station at the railway to/from Oostende
The railway has 4 tracks except for this station, so I'm taking advantage of that. However, the platforms are prepared for 2 more tracks, so it will happen one day
SNCB Class 21, still going strong

Basically, all freight trains on this line are coming from Zeebrugge harbour
193 300, "Das ist grün"

SNCB Class 13

Lineas with P&O Ferrymasters cargo

193 323

186 222, Crossrail

186 213, Crossrail

GTS Logistics - From Zeebrugge to Italy

Visiting Gentbrugge once again

186 195, SNCF/Lineas

Transport of liquid kaolinite and limestone

193 336
193 343

1216 014



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