Monday, June 26, 2023

Kulice Tczewskie, Majewo, Morzeszczyn

In this post I'm visiting some stops along the Bydgoszcz - Tczew line

Nearby is the town - Kulice

Kulice Tczewskie is a small station with only two platforms
EU07-187, Dolnośląskie Linie Autobusowe sp.zoo Wrocław (Leased to Captrain)

From Wikipedia (using Google translate from Polish): The basic task of line 131 is to transport heavy freight trains from Silesia to the Tri-City ports. This line, due to bypassing large agglomerations (freight trains bypassed the Bydgoszcz Główna and Inowrocław stations using slipways or other lines) and the relatively low density of buildings, was devoid of passenger traffic that could interfere with the operation of freight trains. The strongest electric locomotives operated in Poland and the most capacious six-axle coal wagons were intended to serve this line. The peaks in transport (passenger and freight) occurred in the 1930s and 1970s when due to the large production and export of coal, there was congestion of freight trains on the line. Freight trains serving the local (local) industry had a very negligible share in transport work.
From Forum Kolejowe: The locomotive went for tests after revision repair [R7], repainted (thanks to the efforts of the Association of Railway Enthusiasts from Krakow) in its original colors - yellow and brown with the restoration of metal markings in the original type and with non-original "scissor" pantographs.

5 170 144, ORLEN KolTrans Sp. z o.o.

Orlen S.A. is a Polish multinational oil refiner and petrol retailer headquartered in Płock, Poland. The company's subsidiaries include the main oil and gas companies of the Czech Republic and Lithuania, Unipetrol and Orlen Lietuva respectively. As of September 2023, the largest shareholder of the company is the Polish state (via the State Treasury) with 49.9% of the shares ahead of Nationale-Nederlanden OFE with 5.2% of the shares. Orlen is the largest company in Central and Eastern Europe and is listed in global rankings such as Fortune Global 500, Platts TOP250, and Thomson Reuters TOP100. (Wikipedia)

Summer is definitely here
Despite the large amount of freight trains on the line, there is space for some passenger trains

Newag E6ACTa - 011

Regional trains from Polregio are the only ones stopping here

Max speed on this railway is 160km/h but this train does max 110km/h

5370 052, Cargounit
Normally, this locomotive is used for freight trains, but it is hauling an Intercity train

ET26 - 002


5 170 053

Visiting Majewo station nearby
The door is usually open in the summer

193 626 with PKP Intercity

181 077, Cargounit/Lotos
Class 181 is a Škoda 31E


ET22 - 051

Back in Kulice Tczewskie
Cargounit with a freight train

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