Sunday, June 25, 2023


Time to go to Poland
I'm starting with a place near Gdansk, Różyny station
I have been here before, It is possible to spot all trains on the route to/from Warszaw and on the further freight line Chorzów Batory - Tczew

ET22 663 from 1981

Brand new Vectron MS from DB Cargo Polska

"Ekspres Bajkalski" livery made by Jarosław Janikowski

Newag Griffin

Regional trains EN57

Newag Dragon 2
Laude Smart Intermodal SA

370 015 (193 503), PKP Cargo with a TLK train


Stadler Flirt as Intercity


This railway is part of the Coal Trunk Line (Polish: Magistrala Węglowa) which is one of the most important rail connections in Poland.
Pendolino train 

Seasonal train from Hel to Chojnice
SU42 diesel locomotive 

182 108, ČD Cargo Poland
Class 182 is a Škoda 59E - 3kV locomotive from 1960's

Wagons from Cemet S.A.
170 166, PCCI - PCC Intermodal S.A.
Traxx F160 DC3 LM is a brand new locomotive from 2022

On the other side is the ET22 - also strong enough to haul container wagons


131 017, ZSSK Cargo
Škoda 58E is a 3kV DC two part locomotive

Also seasonal train, from Koleje Mazowieckie between Warszaw and the coast
170 005, is a Traxx P160 DC

E6ACTab-034, LOTOS Kolej Sp. z o. o.

Dragon 2

I think by watching trains here for a few hours I can spot all possible generations and manufacturers, Here is ČD Class 754



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