Sunday, March 27, 2022

Pratteln Salina Raurica, Rheinfelden Augarten, Mumpf, Rheinfelden, Lausen

I'm on my way to Zurich, with a night train paid for by a voucher from a delayed night train I took during Christmas/New Year trip
I'm waking up seeing skyscrapers, thinking that it must be Basel
It's not Basel, it's Frankfurt which means that my train is delayed by about 3 hours, which means that I will get a new voucher
Anyway, a breakfast is served as usual
Since the train is delayed, I will get off in Basel and continue to Zurich later
DB and SBB cars

From Basel, I'm taking local trains along the Bözberg railway line
The first stop is at Salina Raurica
The line was built by the Bötzberg Railway (German: Bötzbergbahn), a joint venture of the Swiss Northeastern Railway and Swiss Central Railway. Construction started in 1870 and it opened on 2 August 1875. It was taken over by Swiss Federal Railways in 1902. It is now an important freight line connecting Germany and Italy via the Gotthard. (Wikipedia)
193 469 on the way to Basel

Here it is definitely spring

IR train from Zurich


The towers of Basel can be seen from here

185 105

Rheinfelden Augarten

189 985

CLdN Cargo is having many freight rail routes from Italy to the Netherlands and Belgium

193 472
189 110

Brauerei Feldschlösschen


193 524, the difference between SBB Cargo Vectrons that are red and blue, is that the red ones can only be used in Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, while the blue ones can also be used in the Netherlands

At Rheinfelden, it is possible to take a historic train to Feldschlosschen brewery

Re446 from 1982, formerly used by SBB
Today, 4 of these locomotives are used by Eisenbahndienstleister GmbH
412 002, is a former East German locomotive DR Class E 11 (DB Class 109)

A short stop in Pratteln

Traxx AC1 equipped with ERTMS for the Gotthard Base Tunnel

Lausen, located at the Hauenstein Railway connecting Basel and Olten

Fast trains from Zurich are taking this route

Panorama car

Freiburg-Novara shuttle

After collecting my luggage, I'm on my way from Basel to Zurich
It takes one hour exactly, so I have time to eat dinner on the train
From Zurich Hbf, I'm taking a local train on the Sihltal Bahn, to get to my hotel
Re 456

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