Saturday, March 5, 2022

Oberwinter, Urmitz, Oberlahnstein, Flisen, Lorchhausen, Lorch

Time for a new trip, this time a longer one to Czechia, but first I will visit Germany
Arlanda airport in Stockholm is supporting Ukraine after the aggression from Russia that started 24th of February 2022
The morning starts in Dusseldorf

Today I will be exploring the West Rhine railway between Cologne and Koblenz, and the East Rhine railway between Koblenz and Frankfurt. 
Köln Messe

Nightjet at Köln West station
Arriving at Oberwinter station
Today all trains are using the West Rhine railway from Cologne until Koblenz due to railworks at the East Rhine railway
Class 152
Heavy train, most probably from Hamburg harbor

Class 187

Mixed traffic on this line today, with many passenger and freight trains

193 726, RTB Cargo

Regional train to Koblenz, Siemens Desiro HC
Passenger train from Luxembourg
Stadler Flirt

Regional train from Mainz

193 648,

Ekol logistics - is one of the largest in Turkey. However there are no direct train services to Turkey from Europe, the intermodal trains are using the port of Trieste in Italy for further transportation to Turkey. From Trieste, there are rail services to Germany through Italy and Austria. 

Alstom Prima EL3U, CFL Cargo Deutschland GmbH

186 289, Crossrail Benelux N.V.

ICE3 and ICE4 are using the high speed railway Cologne-Frankfurt, while the ICE1, ICE2, and ICET trains are using the conventional railway through Koblenz

At this station I can spot at least 3 other photographers, seems to be a popular spot place
Traxx AC1

Traxx AC2


193 736, SETG - Salzburger Eisenbahn TransportLogistik GmbH
"I am railing, I am railing home again cross the sea"

145 008 and 145 021

Koblenz Stadtmitte

Traxx AC3

From Koblenz and further south I'm moving on to the East Rhine railway
A hotel with a view
BLS Cargo and ICE-T

Ambrogio Intermodal on the route from Verona to Neuss
All trains are rerouted on this side of Rhine as there are railworks on the other side in this area too

185 611, RTB Cargo

Move Intermodal, from Belgium to Italy

Rhine river 

Schloss Stolzenfels

186 151, CCW - Captrain Deutschland CargoWest GmbH

482 021, SBB Cargo

1293 194

486 509, BLS Cargo AG

Something is not quite right with this train

Spring is here

193 712, BLS Cargo

187 077, RheinCargo

Note the Ukrainian flag in the front window

"Das ist grün"


On the other side is Bacharach


185 614, Crossrail

Cargo transportation, not only by train

189 993, SBB Cargo

193 516

189 982

189 098, DB Cargo


186 492, Lineas

Frankfurt am Main
Restaurant at the train station
Train back to Dusseldorf

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