Sunday, March 13, 2022

Ovčáry, Kamenné Zboží, Velké Zboží, Ostrá

Today I'm heading east from Mělník


I was worried, there would not be much freight trains on a Sunday in Czechia, but there are trains
Metrans is transporting containers from Hamburg (most probably)


At Stratov I can spot another freight train, this time it is ČD Cargo 

ČD Class 471, CityElefant

Class 363

Kamenné Zboží

Nearby is the town - Nymburk

388 010, Traxx MS3 from ČD Cargo a.s.

Class 372

Class 845 at Velké Zboží

Class 362, Slovakia railways

Class 753.6, aka EffiLiner 1600
The CZ LOKO company reconstructed the first locomotives of the 750 and 753 series already in 2002 for Italian customers into the 753.7 series, nineteen locomotives derived from the 750.7 series intended for passenger transport are also operated by České dráhy. Later, other Czech carriers also showed interest, and in 2012, based on their requests, 18 locomotives of the original series 750/753 were reconstructed as series 753.6 with the factory designation EffiLiner 1600. This is a total modernization of the locomotive, which differs not only technically, but and a new design of locomotive fronts.  (Wikipedia)

365 001, IDS Cargo

Another EffiLiner 3000, this time it is 365 004, CER Slovakia a.s.

186 370, Metrans

Leasing rail company Akiem is presented in East Europe


388 010, is back - this time without using the pantograph. It's magic
Traxx MS3 has the Last Mile option, i.e. allowing the locomotive to be using the diesel engine

Cars on train

I'm back in Mělník


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