Saturday, March 26, 2022

Sottrum, Eystrup, Hagen(Han), Linsburg, Eilvese

I'm on my way to Czechia once again, but first a stop in Germany and Switzerland.

Brussels airlines at Hamburg airport. 

I'm arriving to Hamburg from Stockholm with an Eurowings flight

Blockbräu brewery in the harbour

In the morning I'm taking my first train. Today I will do a circle from Hamburg to Bremen and Hanover, then back to Hamburg
The Wanne-Eickel–Hamburg railway is the shortest railway link between the Metropole Ruhr and the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and hence one of the most important railway lines in northwest Germany. The Route runs over the cities Münster (Westfalen), Osnabrück and Bremen.

It was built between 1870 and 1874 by the Cologne-Minden Railway Company (CME) based in Wanne-Eickel, and branched off their main (Cologne-)Deutz–Minden route as part of the Hamburg-Venlo railway. Today it is an electrified main line which has a minimum of two tracks throughout. Parts of the route are equipped with Linienzugbeeinflussung train control which enables speeds of up to 200 km/h to be attained.

Due to its constant use by goods and passenger trains rolling along the line, day and night, it has been given the nickname Rollbahn ("Rolling Line"). (wikipedia)
Regional train from Hamburg arriving at Sottrum station
Local bird

Spring is in the air

Freight train from Hamburg

Metrans on the way to Hamburg

Metronom is using both Class 146 and 147 locomotives
Here is Class 147, Traxx AC3 passenger locomotive train version

Class 187, Traxx AC3 freight version

Changing trains at Bremen
Bremen-Mahndorf station is also an interchange to local trams

I'm now on the Wunstorf–Bremen railway

383 062, EP Cargo a.s.

186 448, Lineas

The old freight warehouse
192 010, TX Logistik

At Nienburg(Weser) I'm changing from Regional to S-Bahn train

S-Bahn Hannover
Class 120 at Hagen(Han)


193 364, "I am European"


155 026

Sometimes it's hard to tell if I'm in East or West Germany

Stadler Eurodual

186 383, HSL


Class 140, evb Logistik

I'm now om my way back to Hamburg with a fast train

Nice dinner onboard
Hamburg Hbf
Hamburg is welcoming Ukrainian refugees

At Altona station I will shortly board the night train to Zurich

Upgraded couchette car

I'm lucky to get at private Deluxe compartment. After having delays in the summer I've got a voucher to use on ÖBB Nightjet, so I'm having a discounted price. Let's see if this train will be on time

Nice Trocken is served on board


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