Saturday, March 19, 2022

Prague, Dollnstein, Muhr am see, Oberdachstetten, Burgbernheim-Wildbad, Marktbreit

The long stay in Czechia is over, I'm returning back to Sweden, but first I will visit some places in Bavaria, Germany.
On the way from Melnik to Prague

Prague metro 

Ukrainian flags are now almost everywhere
One of the most famous places in the whole of Czechia is Karlův most

Usually, there are always a lot of tourists here

Trams in Prague

Spring is already here
From Prague, I will take a train to Nurnberg in Germany. It is exactly 300km between the towns, but unfortunately, there are no fast or direct train connections.

RegioJet train

My first train is an InterJet to Cheb
The train is nice and modern

In Cheb, I have a very tight connection to a German train, but it's good that it is just on the other side of the platform

It is a diesel train, RE33 to Nürnberg Hbf
Next morning I'm waking up in a cold Nurnberg

After having my breakfast I'm ready to go

The first stop is at Dollnstein

193 225, ecco-rail

I'm now located at the Ingolstadt-Treuchtlingen Railway, also known as the Altmühlbahn (Altmühl Railway)

Traxx AC1

162 008 and 162 010, former DB Class 151, now Hector Rail Class 162
Hector Rail locomotives in Germany have also names, these two are "Damiel" and "Biberkopf"

Traxx AC1

193 582, Alpha Trains / TX Logistik

This will not be the only TX Logistik I will see today, there is more to come

Local dogs are overprotecting
182 508, "Taurus"

Once again with feeling
At Muhr am See, there is another TX Logistik
185 537
Formerly used by PCT - Private Car Train GmbH

185 505

Freight trains non stop

193 710, Mercitalia Rail S.r.l.

193 980, WLC - Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo GmbH


Here I got accompanied by another photographer

185 663

185 347

152 106

193 995 
193 878, painted by Loc&More


Here I also got some company, two cats

Spring time for cats

Treuchtlingen–Würzburg railway is used primarily by freight trains, but there are some long distance passenger trains too


185 606, Alpha Trains / RheinCargo GmbH & Co. KG
While Alpha Trains locomotives in Sweden are green, here they are orange

I was just about to leave the station when this one arrived

I'm tired of trains, want to see a nice town now
Markbreit turned out to be a really cozy town



Alte Mainbrücke

People are drinking wine on the bridge

The queue for the wine

On the fast train to Nurnberg
At Nurnberg I have to take my luggage to Munich, since I'm going to take slow trains on the following day. Thanks to Interrail, I can take the ICE trains back and forth without paying anything extra
On the ICE train to Munich, it takes about 1h from Würzburg

Here it is possible to use ICE3 trains

In cooperation with Lufthansa. In 2022, DB has become the first railway company in the world as the partner to Star Alliance. It is now possible to buy a fly and rail ticket with Lufthansa/DB.
Munich central station has a refugee center for people from Ukraine
There are many old people and families with children here
I'm back in Nurnberg, taking a late-night walk around town


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