Sunday, March 6, 2022

Kaldenkirchen, Deurne, Horst-Sevenum

Today I will leave Germany for a 2 week-long trip to Czechia, but first I will explore the border railway between Germany and the Netherlands
Düsseldorf station - on a Sunday morning

Regional train to Venlo in the Netherlands
It was in October 2021, that I took this line and visited Dülken and Breyell stations. Today I'm at the border station of Kaldenkirchen. Here is 186 173, ECR - Euro Cargo Rail SAS
This locomotive can be used in Germany, Belgium, and France. So, what is it doing here at the border with the Netherlands...
The usual route through Emmerich is closed this weekend due to rail works, so many trains are rerouted here
Single track part ahead

Kaldenkirchen has an intermodal terminal
186 153, CCW - Captrain Deutschland CargoWest GmbH
This locomotive has country package: D, A, B, NL

BLS Cargo at Kaldenkirchen terminal

189 988, TXL - TX Logistik AG

Nightjet from Vienna/Innsbruck
193 766

193 711, BLS Cargo

Changing trains at Venlo
Arriving at Deurne station
The railway Venlo-Eindhoven is a double-track line, but it has both Intercity and Sprinter frequent services in addition to the rerouted trains
ICE from Amsterdam to Frankfurt


Coal train


285 114, RheinCargo
The diesel version of Traxx train

Double Vectron 

BLS Cargo

193 726, RTB CARGO GmbH

Horst-Sevenum station

186 298, LINEAS NV/SA


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