Saturday, October 2, 2021

UK - part 1

Now it's time, my first trip this autumn outside Sweden will be one of many others
Yes, I'm taking a plane this time, and this time it is to UK
The beauty of flying is that sometimes you can get this view

After spending some time south of London, I'm on my way to London
British Rail Class 395 "Javelin"
It is the fastest train in Britain, capable of operation at 225km/h on 25kV AC High Speed Line 1
Class 395 can also operate on 750V DC third rail lines

Here is my train to London

The train terminates at St Pancras station, same station that is used for Eurostar
The train has only 2nd class onboard

The weather in Britain is shifting rapidly

Covid memorial in central London

My hotel is just next to the King's Kross station

Regent's canal in London

Bookshop on water

St Pancras lock
Gasholder park

Now taking a walk to Camden town

There are trains around Camden as well

That's where I'm heading tomorrow

Statue of Amy Winehouse
On the following day I'm heading to Liverpool, unfortunately it will a rainy and cold day. I'm at Euston station, taking the Avanti West Coast train
I will make some stops along the way, here is Stafford station. The station lies on the junction of the Trent Valley Line, the Birmingham Loop/Rugby-Birmingham-Stafford Line, and the West Coast Main Line.
CrossCountry train

My hope is to see some freight train and here it is
British Class 70, is a diesel locomotive named GE PowerHaul

Another Freightliner 
This time it is British Rail Class 66

British Rail Class 350, the British version of Siemens Desiro

Class 66 from GB Railfreight

Avanti trains passing by without stopping 
Visiting Rugeley Trent Valley station

Third rail freight operating is DB Cargo UK
For some reason all freight trains I've seen here are using Diesel locomotives

At the time I was visiting UK, there were shortages of fuel due to Brexit, this photo was taken at another time and place but during same visit

Photos from inside, some trains have 2+3 seats
All trains have first class sections

Railway signalling system in UK
Back at Stafford
Double Class 66

I'm using Interrail ticket, and in 1st class there is a complimentary food and drinks
Arriving at Liverpool Lime Street station

British Rail Class 195, CAF Civity

A very rainy day in Liverpool

Home of the Beatles

Arriving at Hartford station

Looking for something...

Regional train between Birmingham and Liverpool
British Rail Class 57 from the 60's

Crewe station

On the way back to London, I'm enjoying 1st class service of Avanti once again

King's Kross station in London
British Rail Class 802, Hitachi A-train 

The train is available in different version for different operators

British Class 700, Siemens Desiro City

On the following day, I'm taking LNER train 
Inside the new Hitachi train
LNER first class is also offering complimentary food and drinks, not as fancy as Avanti but still good
Peterborough station

British Class 387, Bombardier Electrostar

LNER trains travels as far as to Aberdeen 

British Rail Class 91

On my way with Siemens Desiro City

Huntington station

Finally I can see some sunshine again
And a real rare view, a steam train

LMS Jubilee Class 5596 Bahamas

Inside the older InterCity train

LNER service on board with own ale brand


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