Sunday, October 17, 2021

Otze, Vöhrum, Kirchhorsten, Löhne (Westf)

My journey is continuing through Hamburg-Hannover railway, now I'm at the Lehrte-Celle branch 
The Lehrte–Celle railway is the mainline in the east of the Hanover Region in Germany. It links the railway hub of Lehrte with the town of Celle, where it connects to the present-day Hanover–Hamburg railway. Until the opening of the "Hare Railway" (Hasenbahn) from Langenhagen to Celle on 15 May 1938 and its upgrade to double tracks in 1964 and electrification in 1965 it was itself part of this long-distance route. Today it serves the north-south goods trains and is also used by the S 6 and S 7 trains of the Hanover S-Bahn from Hanover to Celle. (Wikipedia)
I'm at at Otze station
Not much to see here, just trains and horses

482 047, IGE - Internationale Gesellschaft für Eisenbahnverkehr IGE GmbH & Co. KG
This is a former SBB Cargo Traxx AC2 
Named after Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver (German: Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer), it is a children's novel written by Michael Ende. The main characters are Emma the steam locomotive, her driver Luke (Lukas), and the young accomplice Jim Button (Jim Knopf) who together go on an adventure. The story begins and ends on the small fictional island of Morrowland (Lummerland).

More freight trains are coming

386 003, Metrans

193 536, GmbH

185 373

187 166

185 340 at Lehrte station

187 010
145 036

Arriving at Vöhrum station, that is at Hannover–Braunschweig railway

DB Class V 160 (after 1968: Class 216)
216 123, WEE - Weser Ems Eisenbahn GmbH

185 014

Kohlekraftwerk Mehrum
187 145

186 249 and 186 131, VPS - Verkehrsbetriebe Peine-Salzgitter GmbH

Plenty of IC2 trains on this line

DB Class E40 (since 1968 Class 140)
140 870, evb Logistik 

Not much to see here either
Actually, there is
What a surprise

Later in the evening, dinner at the department store rooftop restaurant in Hannover

Hannover Hbf
Freight train passing by following morning at Hannover Hbf

I'm on my way from Hannover to Düsseldorf airport hoping to see some freight trains on the way. It seems that due to railworks or for some other reason, there is not much to see today

S-Bahn at Kirchhorsten station

193 862

185 541, ITL - Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH

New Peugeot cars

Löhne (Westf)
   Euroduals are definitely a more common view than before
159 222, Retrack GmbH & Co. KG

185 571, Lokomotion Gesellschaft für Schienentraktion mbH,
This photo was taken in October 2021, later in December this locomotive was sold to Hector Rail

Same train at Rheda-Wiedenbrück station

Skytrain at Düsseldorf airport
German sausage at the airport 
I didn't catch many trains today, but I have this view on my way back


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