Sunday, October 24, 2021

Arnhem Zuid, Nijmegen, Zaltbommel, Culemborg

Day 2 in the Netherlands

Today I'm visiting Arnhem and Nijmegen

Arnhem Zuid station

Sunday is not the best day to spot freight trains
On the other hand I have passenger trains and sunny weather

Arnhem is the only town in the Netherlands using trolleybuses

The model is of type Hess Swisstrolley 

Elst station

Nijmegen Lent station
From Lent station there is a short walk to central Nijmegen

River Waal

Medieval style towers at the Nijmegen rail bridge
The bridge is 675m long, it has 3 arches, and it was constructed in 1879

The station of Nijmegen

Changing trains at 's-Hertogenbosch
Zaltbommel station

Finally, a freight train
186 501, Lineas

Culemborg station
Ahead is the Kuilenburgse spoorbrug over Lek river

1560 743 from Volkerrail

VolkerRail 203-4 is a former DR Class V100


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