Saturday, October 16, 2021

Bienenbüttel, Bad Bevensen

I'm back at the Arlanda airport, this time flying again with Eurowings, today it will be to Hamburg
Eurowings is a subsidary of Lufthansa Group, while Lufthansa has direct flights from Stockholm to Frankfurt and Munich, Eurowings has historically been flying to the other two large cities in Germany: Hamburg and Dusseldorf (before 2015 branded as Germanwings)
I have been taking trains between Stockholm and Hamburg many times, unfortunately still even the fastest trip takes about 11 hours, while the flight is only 1 hour. Hopefully when the Fehmarn belt tunnel and the high speed line in Sweden are completed, the train trip will take 5 hours, then it would be more or less same time considering the times spend for the check in and security at the airport.
Landing in Hamburg

Dedicated train station at the airport
S-Bahn line is passing through Barmbek station which also has a line served by freight trains to/from Sweden
EG locomotive 

It takes only 24 minutes to get from the airport to main station in Hamburg
My hotel is located near Elbbrucken

Breakfast in the morning
The hotel has a style from the 80's

S-Bahn station Elbbrücken opened in 2019

I'm changing trains at Harburg station

Arriving at Bienenbüttel station which is located at Hamburg-Hannover railway
193 213, WLC - Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo GmbH

159 210, BSAS EisenbahnVerkehrs GmbH & Co. KG
Stadler Eurodual is making its way on European rail market

Eurodual is slowing down here, in order to make fast train pass by

187 014, METRANS Rail s.r.o.

185 372

Metronom regional train
152 139

152 052
If the goal is to spot as many freight trains as possible, this is the place to be

110 383 with a retrotrain
E10 383 is a Krauss-Maffei locomotive manufactured in 1965

Gleis 4 restaurant 
185 388

193 842, GmbH

193 892, ITL - Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH (Captrain livery)

Here comes the sun

Bad Bevensen station
151 116 and 151 112

185 271

185 516, HLG - Holzlogistik and Güterbahn GmbH

A selfie
When standing on the platform, it is getting cold - good to have a warm chicken soup
Many stations in Germany have these vending machines
Only 70 cents, and the chicken soup is yours

192 007, SLG - Spitzke Logistik GmbH

193 395
D, A, I, H, CZ, PL, SK, HR, SLO  for this locomotive

Chinese containers

193 461

185 013

Schiller oak 

185 566

Hundertwasser exhibition inside the station building



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