Sunday, October 10, 2021

Breyell, Dülken, Rheinhausen Ost

Today I will be visiting the line between Germany and the Netherlands. First I thought to visit the Hollandstrecke aka Oberhausen–Arnhem railway, but due to railworks, I had to change plans and instead see the Viersen-Venlo line.
Breakfast at my hotel. Still have to use gloves and mask 
Bird parade at S-Bahn station
Luggage lockers at Dusseldorf station
Viersen-Venlo line was formerly used by international passenger trains between The Hague and Cologne, now there is only Maas-Wupper-Express service from Venlo to Hamm via Düsseldorf and Hagen. Here I'm passing the bridge over the Rhein river

As the line between Germany and the Netherlands is an important freight link, many trains are today diverted on the Viersen-Venlo line
Maas-Wupper-Express operated by Eurobahn
ICE trains Frankfurt-Amsterdam are also diverted through this line, thus skipping Dusseldorf and Arnhem among other stations
ICE 3M is the train supporting both German and the Dutch electrification systems
I've arrived at Breyell station near the Dutch border

Nightjet from Vienna/Innsbruck is on the way to Amsterdam, here with 193 759

10 coaches on this train
#loveyourplanet sleeping car

The line has a single track which makes the operations during diversions much frequent 

186 151

The autumn is here

189 038 and 189 039
Coal is the second-largest source of electricity in Germany. As of 2020, around 24% of the electricity in the country is generated from coal. The line between Germany and the Netherlands has many coal freight trains, here is one of them

Stadler Flirt train on the route to Venlo

193 524

Dülken station

186 425, RTB Cargo

189 096 and 193 317

193 516

This locomotive is named after the river Aare. 
The Aare is a tributary of the High Rhine and the longest river that both rises and ends entirely within Switzerland. Its total length from its source to its junction with the Rhine comprises about 295 km, almost entirely within Switzerland. There are more than 40 hydroelectric plants along the course of the Aare. (Wikipedia)

The line here is used entirely by Vectron MS, Eurosprinters Class 189 or Traxx MS, i.e. the locomotives supporting both German and Dutch electrification

This one can travel to almost all of Europe

Bari is far from here

I'm not going to the Netherlands today, as I'm still unsure about all the Covid regulations and cross-border traveling. So, now I'm at Viersen station 

186 536, Crossrail Benelux N.V.
Another coal train
189 082 and 189 045

Trains everywhere
I'm going back to Dusseldorf through Krefeld and Rheinhausen

RTB Cargo is now at Rheinhausen

From Rheinhausen I'm taking a walk to Ost station

Rheinhausen Ost
Stadler Flirt 3

189 076

Alstom Coradia Continental

Dusseldorf airport is accessible with S-Bahn trains
The home base of Eurowings

Today I'm flying back to Stockholm, the flight is about 2h, if I would take the train it would be all day trip.

Train from Arlanda airport to central Stockholm

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