Sunday, April 4, 2021

Vretstorp, Kolbäck, Dingtuna, Näverkärret, Frövi, Mosås

Today I'm visiting a range of places in Närke and Västmanland regions.
First, GC 66267 to Karlshamn in Vretstorp
This train is usually taking the route from Hallsberg to Mjölby, but today it is a different route due to railway works
Rc4 1160

Rc3 1063 in Örebro

GC 66098 is also rerouted today from the usual route through Lindesberg and Ludvika

185 410 and 185 412 are rented from BURE for Green Cargo 

Former operator "Rush Rail" logo can still be viewed
Steel products are transported between Oxelösund and Borlänge

Local messages

Kolbäck station is now a youth center (Fritidsgård)

The same train at Dingtuna station, just 9km away from Kolbäck
For some reason, the train was moving very slowly, so I could catch it up by car.

From Dingtuna it is 9km more to Västerås central station
This train will take a detour through Sala and Avesta Krylbo on its way to Borlänge

Dingtuna church
X51 9015 as train 8065 from Ludvika to Västerås

GC 66105 from Borlänge to Oxelösund
Rd2 1111 and 1083

Västmanlands lokaltrafik is encouraging people to not use public transport during Covid

At Näverkärret I can spot GC 5869

Rd2 1133

Abandonded station in Näverkärret

GC 9052 at Frövi station
Rd2 1089

Frövi station

Tågab 37040 to Falun at Mosås
Rc3 1062

The train is extra long for the Covid reason (only 50% of the seats can be occupied).  The train consists of BC2, BS5, B1, AB3, and A2K coaches

GC 16058 from Kil to Hallsberg at Östansjö

Rd2 1110

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