Friday, April 2, 2021

Töreboda, Skövde, Aneby, Tranås, Boxholm

Today I'm traveling around the lake Vättern, visiting both Västra and Södra stambanan railways.
It's finally April, but this means also that the weather will be shifting rapidly between sunshine and rain.
RRS 42059 at Laxå

I'm on my way from Laxå to Töreboda, it is a bit foggy near Norrkvarn

Wind power park with 22 wind power stations near Lyrestad

Even more foggy at Töreboda

Cinema red mill
What can be more appropriate here than a film about Göta kanal
It's Easter time 
Here in Töreboda I will spot four Tågab trains in a short period of time
First its Tågab 47148 from Alvesta to Kristinehamn
It's using the track for the opposite direction when overtaking the X40 train to the right
Rc2 1041 and TMY 103

Göta kanal
Next is Tågab 47428 from Falköping to Frövi
Rc2 010

The 3rd Tågab has number 47868 from Osby to Kristinehamn
It's using the sidetrack here during the bypass of faster trains

Rc2 1040 (seems that this locomotive has been renamed from Rc3 to Rc2 for some reason)
TMZ 108
More Easter chickens in Töreboda

Tågab 48516 "Vänerexpressen"
Rc2 1052

Hector Rail 61285 Hallsberg-Falköping
241 007 "Die another day/Bond"

GC 5566 Sävenäs-Hallsberg
Rd2 1136

GC 5655 Hallsberg-Sävenäs

After spending all morning in Töreboda, I'm heading to nearby Skövde
Boulognerskogen park in Skövde
Student center / Kårhuset

Sankta Helena church

"Livets brunn" from 1950 by Ivar Johnsson
In 2012 there were a debate whether to dismantle this sculpture or not 

Hotel Billingen from 1888 named after a nearby hill 

Skövde train station

HR 61284 from Falköping to Hallsberg
This time with 243 110 "Brunel" and "Die another day"

Moving on the opposite side of the lake Vättern, now at Södra stambanan and Aneby station

TX Logistik 44203 to Malmö

185 682 Traxx AC2

Säby church near Tranås

Easter decorations in Tranås

X14 3237 at Tranås
HR 40971 
441 002 "Croft"

GC 5611 
Rd2 1110


GC 15190

Rd2 1098 and Rc4 1314

Unimat 09-4x4/4S from Plasser & Theurer and Infraktraft
Tamping machine

GC 66226
Rd2 1128

RRS 42125 to Helsingborg, almost 200 minutes delayed

Rc4 1192

Another piece of art, this time in Boxholm


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