Saturday, April 17, 2021

Alingsås, Stenkullen, Aspen, Bohus, Kungsbacka, Göteborg

Today I'm starting my weekend trip to Göteborg and surrounding areas.
Taking my first train from my job at Helenelund station, north of Stockholm
SJ Regional train Uppsala-Stockholm with Rc6 locomotives at both ends

Stadler Kiss and Flirt side by side
Today I'm taking MTRX from Stockholm to Göteborg
In 1st class, a meal is included
The next morning I'm leaving my hotel which is located at the station to visit nearby stations 
First, I'm taking the train to Alingsås. New operator Flixtrain will start its services soon, the new wagons have arrived from Germany.
X40 at Alingsås

RRS 42953
Rc4 1161

Alingsås - the town with many cafés

From Alingsås I'm taking a train to Floda
I was actually planning to travel to Stenkullen, which is the next stop, but it seems that here in Göteborg area, the freight trains have a higher priority over commuter passenger trains. 
RRS 42059 is overtaking the Västtrafik pendeltåg in Floda
Rc4 1171

At the end, I do arrive at Stenkullen

This part of "Västra stambanan" railway near Göteborg seems to have very old infrastructure
GC 5566 to Hallsberg
Rc4 1303, Rc4P 1295, and T44 259

Ethylene oxide with nitrogen - sounds dangerous

X61 at Aspen

GC 4532 to Jönköping
Rc4 1282

Y31 1417 and 1402
Y31 1402 has been repainted with blue livery instead of yellow
GC 9052 to Borlänge
Rc4 1280 and 1268

In order to switch from Västra stambanan to Vänerbanan railways, I need to use a tram 
The reason is the railway works on new Västlänken tunnel which causes temporary closure of the railway between Göteborg C and Gamlestaden
From Gamlestaden I'm taking a train to Älvängen
Älvängen is located next to Götaälv river

HR 46778 from Värö to Uddevalla
243 113 "Pullman"
George Mortimer Pullman (March 3, 1831 – October 19, 1897) was an American engineer and industrialist. He designed and manufactured the Pullman sleeping car and founded a company town, Pullman, for the workers who manufactured it. (Wikipedia)


Next to the station, there is a bridge
A 30 minutes walk from the station and I can reach Bohus fortress

U137 installation near Kungälv, named after the soviet submarine that was stuck near Karlskrona in 1981

Same train now returning back to Värö

GC 6561
Rc4 1270

After a quick change of trains in Göteborg, I'm now traveling south at Västkustbanan railway

CN 69758 Trelleborg-Alnabru
El16 2212 and 2217
Norwegian CargoNet is operating daily service between Oslo and the ferry terminal in the south of Sweden. It's good to see that at least freight trains are crossing the borders in these corona times.

Lindome station

HR to Värö has now reached Lindome. All freight trains on the north/south route have to change direction in Göteborg Kville, this procedure takes at least 30min to perform


No more trains today, it's time to visit Göteborg
I can see many new buildings so I decided to explore the new architecture of Göteborg
The area near Götaälv bridge is growing

Next to the old bridge is the new one

In some months these photos will be historic as the old bridge will be demolished 

The new bridge is wide enough to fit trams, cars, bicycles and pedestrians


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