Friday, April 23, 2021

Östervärn, Eslöv, Stångby

This weekend I'm spending in Malmö, visiting several places in Skåne region.
It's sunny but cold
From Malmö C I'm heading to Östervärn station with a e-scooter (I missed the train)

Östervärn station and a later Pågatåg train
Cherry blossom trees are all around Östervärn station, in full bloom

DB Cargo 44722 from Maschen to Malmö

EG 3111

DB Cargo 36531
EG 3112

GC 45514
This train is coming from Trelleborg, as Rc4 is not supporting Danish electrification system
Rc4 1304

DB Cargo 36572
EG 3104

GC 44912 from Kolding to Malmö
Br 5404, aka 185 404

CargoNet 41972 from Trelleborg to Kornsjø

El16 2212 and 2209

I'm leaving Malmö and heading to Eslöv. HectorRail 28528 from Trelleborg to Katrineholm is arriving to Malmö
Another HR is ready to leave
Hopefully I can catch CN train once again in Eslöv

Just as I have arrived in Eslöv there is a stop on the tracks due to the trespassing 

Many trains have been stuck here in Eslöv for a while
After some time, the traffic is released
CN train is now at Eslöv station

TXL train 44203 

I've arrived at Stångby
TXL train is passing by

185 674

HR 28528 is now also here in Stångby
241 004 and 241 006


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