Sunday, April 18, 2021

Vårgårda, Lerum, Partille, Mölndal

Day 2 of my trip in Göteborg area,
Göteborg C in the morning

There are not enough platforms for the number of trains, so MTRX and Västtåg have to share the same platform here

Tågfrakt 49641 from Falköping to Göteborg

Rc4 1164 

X50 3292 

GC 5564 to Hallsberg
Rc4 1161

GC 9052 at Stenkullen
Rc4 1280 at Stenkullen

GC 75102
Rd2 1080
From Stenkullen I've decided to walk to the next station Lerum. And it is actually a nice walk
Stenkullen station on top
The path is following Säveån river

There are trails both to Floda 

One week ago there were snowing, today it is the first really warm day this year
Lerum church

I've been passing by this church many times by train, now I can view it outside the train 

No more seats today

Railway bridge near Lerum 

From Lerum I'm taking the train to Partille

Inside the old station building it is now possible to have a beer or some food

GC 5580 to Gävle

Rd2 1038

Lake Aspen

X74 at Aspen

X50 3295
CFL Cargo 49502 to Insjön
Rc4 1156

HR 46752 to Falköping
243 113 "Pullman"

CFL Cargo 28560 Piteå-Göteborg

Rc4 1159

Tågfrakt 49642 to Falköping

Rc4 1164

HR 61373
243 001 has been repainted with "Flixtrain" livery 

GC 9458 near Gamlestaden
During the railway closure between Gamlestaden and Göteborg C, the station is served as the terminus. The trams are running non-stop to Göteborg C
Gamlestaden station

From the top of Skansen Lejonet fortress there is a great view of Göteborg

There is a bypass bridge from Västkustbanan to the north, but at the moment trains can only reach the Kville area on the other side of the river

GC 4254 at Kungsbacka

Mölndal station


HR 46735 to Värö
243 112 "Gölsdorf"
Karl Gölsdorf (8 June 1861 – 18 March 1916) was an Austrian engineer and locomotive designer. Gölsdorf became especially well known as a result of his inventing the radially-sliding coupled axle for steam locomotives, the so-called Gölsdorf axle. (Wikipedia)

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