Saturday, April 3, 2021

Hornborgasjön, Skara, Råbäck, Hova

Today is an almost train free day, as I'm visiting Lake Hornborga where the annual migration of Crane birds is taking place
The lake is located in Västergötland, not far from Falköping and Skara
On the northern side of the lake, there are bridges out to the lake to spot the birds

Most of the cranes are located on the south side of the lake, a place called Trandansen

Around 20000-30000 Cranes are coming every April from Spain to Sweden

On the other side there are cows, but they are not so interesting for the photographers here


Skara Cathedral is one of the oldest in Sweden

I'm on my way to Kinnekulle now

Österplana church is one of the most mysterious I've seen in Sweden

It is located basically in the middle of nowhere

Nearby there are trails for walking 

The spring is here

Kinekulle Grand Quarry, or the "mini Grand Canyon of Sweden"

Råbäck station

Y31, Itino on the Kinnekullebanan

Hällekis harbor

Lake Vänern

GC 45943 from Frövi to Charlottenberg (and Norway) passing at Svartå station


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