Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Sissach, Liestal, Eiken, Benzenschwil

Today is the last full day on my summer trip, during the day I will be visiting some stations in Switzerland, in the evening I'm taking a night train to Hamburg, and tomorrow afternoon I'll be back home in Stockholm.
I'm starting at Sissach station which is located at the Hauenstein Railway between Olten and Bern. Here is RABe 521, Stadler Flirt
RABe 502, Bombardier Twindexx
Re 460
Map of commuter trains around Basel, note that the lines are crossing between 3 countries
At Liestal station I can spot this ICE4 train
The Hauenstein base line is now one of the busiest railway lines in Switzerland. It is a part of the north-south freight axis, on which freight trains of SBB Cargo, BLS Cargo and other companies are busy, including the operation of the rolling highway between Freiburg im Breisgau and Novara (Wikipedia)
Vectron MS is operated on the route
193 465 and 193 256 
193 256 is hired to SBB Cargo from ELL (European Locomotive Leasing)
The multisystem locomotives, which have a maximum output of 6.4MW and are equipped with ETCS and national train control systems, are intended for service on the Rhine – Alpine Corridor and are designed to operate in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands. (International Railway Journal)

Another Vectron from the Basel direction

476 455 is a Vectron AC DPM (Diesel Power Module)
railCare company operates the freight for Swiss retail chain Coop

Re 420 

Here comes one of the "rolling highway" trains
485 009 and 485 007, Traxx F140 AC1 from BLS Cargo
The locomotives of BLS Cargo, with Swiss designation Re 485, are technical identical to the Re 482 series of SBB Cargo and DB Schenker’s 185 series machines with additional Swiss package. This means they are fitted with cameras, two additional pantographs with small 1450mm contacts, because these are required for running through Swiss tunnel systems. (Railcolor)

I'm continuing my journey along the line with this regional train
At Eiken station I can spot more trains

The line is connecting Zurich with high speed trains from Germany and France. 
Here is TGV Euroduplex train 3UA
TGV service between France and Switzerland is branded as Lyria

Re 620

187 008, Traxx F160 AC3 LM from Railpool and BLS Cargo

521 017 with "Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz" livery (University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland)

After TGV and ICE4, here comes the Swiss high speed train, RABe 501, Giruno or Stadler Smile

193 534 and 189 991

189 991 is a Siemens Eurosprinter ES 64 F4, from MRCE and SBB Cargo

Re 420

Re 430 and Re 421
The Re 420, series are the most common electric locomotives of the Swiss Federal Railways. They are used for passenger services throughout Switzerland alone or in pairs. For freight services, they are sometimes paired with the Re 620, especially in mountainous regions. The Re 430, are a derivative of the Re 420 modified for higher traction but lower speed. Six Re 420 were equipped with a wider pantograph wiper in order to conform with DB and ÖBB standards, which allowed these units to operate EuroCity trains over the border to Bregenz and Lindau. These locomotives are classified Re 421 and are lettered for SBB Cargo but also pull passenger trains to Bregenz and Lindau. (Wikipedia)
Re 425 is a BLS version of the Re 420 locomotive. Here is number 170 "Brig-Glis" from 1970 at the Pratteln station

Re 620

BLS Re 425 number 184 "Krattigen" from 1974

S-Bahn connecting 3 countries is operating in the region
I have now reached Eiken located at Bözberg Railway
The Bözberg Railway is a railway line running between Basel and Brugg. At Brugg it connects to Zürich via Baden and to the Gotthard Railway via the Aargauische Südbahn. It is now an important freight line connecting Germany and Italy via the Gotthard. (Wikipedia)

Re 620
The Re 620, are six-axle, electric locomotives of the SBB-CFF-FFS, which were acquired as a replacement for the Ae 6/6 for heavy services on the Gotthardbahn. They are the most modern of the so-called "Gotthard locomotives". (Wikipedia)

Giruno train passing by

185 124, Traxx F140 AC1
185 085-149 are equipped for services in Switzerland. They were delivered as such and have the Swiss package, including ZUB/Integra signaling systems, cameras, and two additional pantographs with smaller contacts, required in Switzerland with its numerous tunnels. (Railcolor)

I just turn my head for a minute, and another train is suddenly appearing
Here is a freight train with 4 Traxx locomotives: 185 113, 185 140, 185 132, and 185 131

Re 620

474 012, Eurosprinter

Funny litter bin at Frick station

Now it's my turn to ride with the new Giruno train
The train is operated here as IR 36 service between Basel and Zurich
All seats have windows

Arriving at Brugg
I will visit one more station today, I'm now at Aargau Southern Railway and the station of Wohlen
The station I'm visiting now is Benzenschwil

Freight trains between Germany and Italy taking the Gotthard route are using this railwa

Re 420

Re 620 and Re 420

484 014 and 484 009, Traxx F140 MS
These locomotives are equipped with signaling systems for Switzerland and Italy

193 534, Vectron MS

Cows viewed from the platform
Before leaving Switzerland, a short visit to Aarau

Zurich main station

There is some kind of renovation, my favourite place Nordsee was closed, so I went to this classic station restaurant instead
Rösti - a classic dish from Switzerland

Night train to Hamburg

Prosecco in the evening
Breakfast in the morning


Station bird

It may be corona times, but the Danish railways are using one set of IC3 train as always, despite the number of passengers enough for two IC3 trains
Due to a derailment near Elmshorn, the train is taking a different route
At Neumunster, the train is back on its original route

Many freight trains got stuck along the way, as here at Padborg

Denmark is still closed for Swedish citizens, but only if they are travelling from Sweden. I had no problem with entering Denmark from Germany.

Border control at Copenhagen airport station for train passengers arriving from Sweden
On the bridge, there are long queues of cars arriving from Sweden
Finally, I can take off my mask here in Sweden. There are still discussions about whether masks should be used or not here.

New/old cars arriving from Germany to Sweden
They will be used for night train of Snälltåget next year

Eating some smørrebrød purchased at the station in Malmö

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