Saturday, August 1, 2020


Today I'm leaving Spain and will be traveling back to Sweden. On my way, I will make stops in France and Switzerland.

TGV Euroduplex at Girona station

Traxx locomotives at Perpignan
At Perpignan, the train from Barcelona (numbered 806) is coupled with the train starting from Perpignan. both will continue to Paris. 806 belongs to 3UH series, while 816 belongs to 3UF

Arriving at Valence TGV station
Valence TGV station is connected to the conventional line 

SNCF Class Z24500, TER 2N NG

Valence Ville station
The view from my hotel room

Valence Ville station is located along the conventional line Lyon-Marseille

TER train from Marseille
SNCF Class BB22200

I'm taking the train to the nearby town of Montélimar

An angry woman working at the station of Montélimer was shouting at me, telling me that it is forbidden to take pictures. Unfortunately, some people in France are not very friendly
So, my visit to this town was shorter than i planned
Freight trains are also using this line

The weather is changing rapidly, from sunny and warm to rainy but still warm

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