Saturday, August 29, 2020

Stehag, Svågertorp, Åkarp, Hässleholm

It's time for my annual Skåne trip, which I'm usually doing at the end of the summer. This time I was thinking to cross the bridge, but it was not possible due to Covid.
I'm on my way from Stockholm to Skåne on a Friday afternoon
Stockholm Central station
This time I'm taking X2 train

Hector Rail train on the way to Katrineholm

I will be staying in Lund for this and the next night
The new tram line is already built but not officially in use yet
Late-night trains are passing by in Lund, here is 4172 to Borlänge
Rd2 1111
Train 44100 to Folkesta
185 679 from TX Logistik

The next day starts with a foggy weather
I'm taking a Pågatåg train from Lund to Stehag
Stehag is located at Södra stambanan (Sothern mainline), the station closed in 1979 and re-opened in 1988 when Pågatåg service started
Here is train 4615 from Hallsberg to Malmö
Rc4 1268

Train 40973
441 001, Eurosprinter

Home for cats is searching for staff

After returning back from Stehag to Lund, there is temporary sunny weather

I'm on my way closer to the bridge, now at Hjärup station
There is a major railway upgrade on the route Lund-Malmö. During all week the traffic was disrupted, while the temporary railroad was connected to the mainline.
In some years, there will be 4 tracks on the line and one new station

Now it is a shower outside
Train 42711 from Falköping to Germany
241 010 "Yoda"

From Hjärup I'm traveling to Svågertorp station
I've traveled about 20km south, and the weather here is completely different
This is as close to Denmark that I can come at this time
Malmö Svågertorp station opened in 2000 and was operated by Öresundståg on the way to Copenhagen, but was shut down 10 years later at the time when Citytunnel opened. 
From 2011 Pågatåg to/from Ystad were stopping here, but from 2015 they were replaced by Pågatåg to/from Trelleborg. From 2018, Pågatåg from the ring line is stopping here as well.

There is not much around this station, but within a walking distance, there is an IKEA store
I was about to visit the IKEA, but then I saw that there was a long queue to enter (due to Corona restrictions) so I decided to not do that
New electric busses are operating in Malmö

As I could not cross the bridge, I will be watching the freight train traveling to Denmark instead
Here is DB Cargo train 44729 from Malmö to Maschen

EG 3101
There are two locomotives on this train, Eurosprinter, and Traxx
Eurosprinter EG is a long one, 20.95m while the Traxx is only 18.9m
185 323, Traxx F140 AC2
I have a feeling that it is the same wagons I saw earlier today at Stehag, hauled by a Hector Rail locomotive then.
Train 42711 has now reached Svågertorp after a stop in Malmö
Train 42711 is heading from Falköping to Krefeld Uerdingen
241 010 "Yoda"

"New" cars for Snälltåget
Malmö freight railyard viewed from Pågatåg train

I'm now visiting the second of the 3 stations at the Lund-Malmö section
Temporary tracks and platforms at Åkarp station
Train 75313 from Älmhult to Malmö
Td 412 and 402
The new railway will be constructed to the right of the old station building, the temporary one is located to the left

It's busy traffic here in Åkarp
Train 46252 from Gent-Zeehaven to Älmhult
It is a Green Cargo train, but the DB locomotive is used here
185 337

Train 41755 from Rosersberg to Lübeck
185 328

Train 5613 Hallsberg-Malmö

Rd2 1096
Td 399

I'm back at Svågertorp
Seems that there has been an issue with tracks, a railway worker from Infranord is inspecting
Train 42775 from Malmö to Wanne
185 327

The train has Intermodal freight from Fixemer and LKW Walter

Train 37794 from the bridge is approaching Svågertorp
This train has many numbers, in Denmark, it is numbered 42704, when crossing the bridge and until Malmö it is 37793, later on from Malmö to Gamlarp it is 46020.
241 005 "Solo"

The traffic is busy here in Svågertorp, 3 different Pågatåg lines (Ystad, Trelleborg and the Ring line), together with as it turns out plenty of freight services
Freight trains are the only international services here, as Pågatåg only operates in Sweden, and Öresundståg are taking the Citytunnel route
Train 36607 (previously 41755) is now on the way to Denmark and later to Lübeck

Train 44733 from Malmö to Gremberg

EG 3102

The DSB EG series are six-axle electric locomotives from the locomotive family known as EuroSprinter from Siemens Transportation Systems. They were built for the Danske Statsbaner (DSB).
With the construction of the Great Belt crossing, the need for a powerful electric locomotive arose. On the up to 15.6 ‰ steep inclines in the Great Belt Tunnel, if half of the traction equipment fails, the remaining tractive power should be sufficient to leave the tunnel with a 2000 ton freight train. This requirement led to the construction of a six-axle locomotive with two three-axle powered bogies.
Based on the modular technique of freight locomotive Class 152 of the Deutsche Bahn AG were used in the locomotives of DSB proven standard components and systems developed by Siemens and Krauss Maffei traffic engineering Euro Sprinter family of the second generation are used.
It was procured in 1999 and 2000 in a number of 13 copies. (Wikipedia - DSB EG)

I'm now taking the Ring line in Malmö and visiting Persborg station

Train 44983 Hallsberg-Trelleborg

185 324

At the rear of the train, there is a TMX 1031

Train 46251 Älmhult-Gent Zeehaven
185 337

Anonymouse art group has made a new installation - this time it is a music shop
Ricotta records

Taking a train to Hässleholm

A flock of birds here too (just as the one I saw in Alvesta)
Here in Hässleholm I will spot 3 freight trains
First, there is an RRS train to Helsingborg

Hector Rail train from Norway

The train was transporting Tesla cars to Norway
CFL Cargo train from Karlshamn to Göteborg


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