Saturday, August 8, 2020

Linghem, Kimstad, Svartå, Hallsberg

Today I'm visiting Östergötland.
At Mantorp, I was expecting to see some freight trains.
Due to an overhead wire break in Linköping, there was a temporary stop at the Södra Stambanan line. Later on, one of two tracks was opened, so the trains could start moving.
X61 trains operating the line are now starting to roll.
Not far from Mantorp, there is Vikingstad station.
Don't give up
Vikingstad station, built after a model station from Boxholm

The first freight train I was waiting for is this 5110 from Malmö to Hallsberg. The line between Mjölby and Hallsberg is closed today, so many trains are taking this route instead.
Train 5110 was 30 minutes ahead of schedule when it entered Mjölby, but now it is 92 minutes delayed when reaching Vikingstad.

Rc4 1157

After Vikingstad station, the train has to take on to a side track since the passenger's trains have a higher priority

Meanwhile, I have reached Linghem - a station further east of Linköping.
X12 3220 
SJ Snabbtåg from Stockholm to Malmö
Only one track is open through Linköping, so the trains have to switch tracks already here in Linghem

X50 9004

Train 5110 I saw at Vikingstad has now reached Linghem

Hectorrail train 42700 has also got a delay of 90 minutes now

241.001 "Kenobi" Traxx F140 AC2

"Elfel" says this message meaning "power failure"
Train 34596 organized by Trafikverket is heading from Hallsberg to Linköping. Probably it has to do something with the overhead line break
T43 113 from Tågab

Train 4435 from Älvsjö to Älmhult
Rc4 1266

DB Cargo Scandinavia train 62197 from Roserberg to Malmö

185 335, Traxx F140 AC2

Linghem station is just like in Vikingstad built after Boxholm model

Train 15619 from Hallsberg to Malmö

Rm 1261

At Kimstad I can spot this train 6414 to Norrköping
T44 349
Kimstad has a railway connection to Skärblacka paper factory of BillerudKorsnäs and Finspång

Kimstad old station

The old railway yard in Kimstad is only used for shunting trains arriving from Finspång railway

DB Cargo train 44983 Hallsberg-Trelleborg

185 328, Traxx F140 AC2

The new station in Kimstad
Bus 480 Kimstad-Skärblacka-Norrköping

Hectorrail train 40761 Borlänge-Kimstad

243 115, Vectron AC

At the rear of the train, there is a T66 401

One more Hector train today is this Malmö-Hallsberg-Frövi
441 001 "Cyborg", Eurosprinter

Two X61 near Törnevalla church

On my tour in Östergötland, I'm visiting one of the main tourist destination - "Bergs slussar"
Göta Canal’s greatest attraction is Berg Locks. During the summer thousands of boats pass along the Göta Canal and it really is a spectacle to see how the water mass streams through the locks. The fantastic Carl Johan staircase, with its 7 connected locks raises or lowers the boats a full 18.8 meters between Lake Roxen and Berg Guest Harbour, and is also the longest lock staircase in the Göta Canal. In Berg, there are two more double locks, the Oscar lock, and the Berg Lock. (Visit Linköping)

The place is really fascinating, it is possible to view one of the main historic transport corridors in Sweden here in detail

Linköping is not far away

It is possible to swim here too

On my way back, I'm stopping at Laxå where I can spot this train
CFL Cargo train 34071 arrived here in Laxå at 06:59 from Husum Norra
This is a rare opportunity to view this locomotive so close
The train is being loaded with timber

Local cat

187 400 is a Traxx F160 AC3 LM

Tågab train 48901 Frövi-Kristinehamn
Rc2 007

Cargonet train 41932 "Arctic Rail Express"

185 698, Traxx F140 AC2

Green Cargo train 14022, "North Rail Express"
Rc4 1301

The next day, I'm heading to Stockholm. Here is Hallsberg station
Stadler Flirt X74, Stadler Kiss (Dosto) ER1

Rd2 1104 and T44 349

Today I'm taking the new ER1 train which is now operating the line Hallsberg-Katrineholm-Stockholm
It's hot outside, and unfortunately hot inside too. The air condition is pointed at the luggage space over the seats, so the cold does not reach the passenger.
Samskip terminal at Katrineholm

Long queue at the entrance to Stockholm

Flemingsberg is the terminal station for Regional trains during this summer


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