Monday, August 3, 2020

Reichenbach i.K., Wichtrach, Olten, Rothrist, Wynigen

Today I will be spending the whole day in Switzerland, unfortunately, it will be a grey and rainy day
Waking up with this view from my hotel room
The breakfast is not so bad too
Montreux station serves both standard gauge Simplon railway and narrow gauge Golden Pass railway

Swiss post train
Re 420 - a classic Swiss locomotive

My trip today will be short, but I will do some stops along the way
Now I'm on the way from Montreux to Brig

Switching now from one classic railway to another, from Simplon to Lötschberg railway

The train is climbing up to 1240m above sea level

Freight trains are also operating this line

Samskip train on the way to Italy, perhaps all the way from Sweden 

Re 425 locomotives are hauling car shuttle trains between Goppenstein and Kandersteg

Exit/entrance for Lötschberg base tunnel, constructed in 2007

Arriving at Reichenbach im Kandertal station
BLS RABe 535

BLS Re 465
The Re 465 represents a further development of the Re 460. After the teething problems with the Re 460 had been resolved, the Re 465 were successful designs. Thanks to them, the Swiss consortium SLM / ABB won tenders for high-performance locomotives in Norway ( NSB El 18 ), Finland ( VR series Sr2 ), and Hong Kong ( KCRC TLN / TLS ). (Wikipedia)

SBB Re 460

460 007 with "Vaudoise 125" livery - an advertisement for an insurance company

Continuing my journey along Lötschberg railway

After changing trains in Thun, I'm having a quick snack
Arriving at Wichtrach station with RABe 515, Stadler Kiss
The station is offering a good view over passing trains, here is a Ralpin shuttle train, the "rolling autobahn"
The train operates Freiburg to Novara route, and the trip takes 10 hours
485 008 Traxx F140 AC1 is used here on the route through Switzerland and Germany
Two couchette coaches Bvcmz from Euro-Express are part of this train

RABe 503 022 "Johann Wolfgang von Goethe" operated as ECE train from Frankfurt to Milano

485 012 Traxx and 193 711 Vectron

Arriving at Bern
Birds are having lunch at Bern station 

From Bern I'm taking a train to Olten

RABe 503 020 at Olten

Olten is a much busy station with both passenger and freight trains

Here is my hotel for the night, less fancy than the previous one, but with a nice view too

Trains are the only thing you can view from the window of this hotel room. 

Trains can be seen even from the staircase

Alte Brücke

The station buffet at Olten

I'm visiting two more stations today, here is Rothrist
193 478 and 193 518, both Vectron MS

Rothrist is connecting both the classic Olten-Bern line and Mattstetten-Rothrist high speed line

485 015

193 477

The last stop and visit today is at Wynigen station
The station is located nearby a farm with many cows

Re 420
474 002 and 474 016, Siemens Eurosprinter ES 64 F4

485 012
486 501, Traxx F140 MS

SBB Eem 923, Stadler shunting locomotive


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