Friday, August 7, 2020

Töreboda, Skövde, Falköping, Gårdsjö

Today I'm visiting Töreboda, Skövde, Falköping and Gårdsjö.
Töreboda station
The former 3rd class waiting hall is now a cafe

Green Cargo train 5560

Rd2 1078



RRS train 42057

Rc4 1310


X52 9041


Green Cargo train 9050

Rd2 1086
Rd2 1115
At Falköping I can spot a freight train from Jönköping to Göteborg

The train has just arrived from Jönköping, in order to continue the locomotive has to change direction

Rc4 1256

Back at Töreboda, here is train 5540 to Eskilstuna

Rc4 1200

Tågfrakt train 49684 from Folkesta to Göteborg

Rc4 1164 from Nordic Re-Finance

Green Cargo train 14451 from Södertälje to Göteborg
Rd2 1089

While waiting for the next train here in Gårdsjö, I'm visiting Högåsen

The view from Högåsen

Y31 arriving from Kinnekullebanan

This is the only type of train that stops here at Gårdsjö

CFL Cargo train 49507 from Insjön to Göteborg
185 686, Traxx F140 AC2 - same one I saw yesterday at Laxå

Hector rail train 40971

441 001 "Cyborg", Eurosprinter

Train 45943 to Kongsvinger is stopping by at Svartå

Rc4 1254
Rc4 1313

Two trains will be passing by in the opposite direction
First, it is 5662 from Grums to Hallsberg
Rc4 1162

A few minutes later it is train 45946 from Oslo to Hallsberg
Rc4 1309

Now it is the green light for the train to Norway


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