Saturday, January 25, 2020

Storå, Ställdalen

Today I'm traveling to Storå and Ställdalen in order to catch freight trains 9130 and 9133. 
First I'm taking SJ Intercity to Hallsberg
Rc6 1417 with coaches to Oslo

A short stop in Örebro
Örebro C has 5 tracks, so it's not easy to know where the next freight train will pass
Here is the daily Hallsberg-Frövi freight train 40980, operated by Hectorrail

Train 42025 from Luleå to Helsingborg is passing by
Rc4 1163
The train operator is RRS and Green Cargo

Train 6650 from Västerås to Hallsberg
Rd2 1101

Train 4911 from Umeå to Nässjö
Rc4 1168

My next train is X51 9021


Shortly after departure, the green light is on
Train 9133 was waiting on a side track at Storå, waiting for the passenger train to pass

Br 5334, Traxx F140 AC2

A new fence has been set up here in Storå

One hour later the next TiB train is arriving
X51 9019

There is a bar service on board, but not much food, only some snacks and drinks

Ställdalen has railways connecting from Frövi and Nykroppa
Northbound, there are two railways between Ställdalen and Grängesberg

Train 9130 is arriving from Oxelösund
Today there is no freight
Br 5406, Traxx F140 AC2

A could see a pizzeria and a supermarket here in Ställdalen, but both were closed for good as it seemed

Closed due to reorganization

The railway to Grängesberg through Silverhöjden
I'm now leaving Ställdalen by foot, to visit the nearby abandoned mining tower

There are many old towers in this area

I feel observed by someone
First I thought it was a cat
But it was a fox

Railway to Grängesberg through Hörken

"Loppis hos Leif"

Tåg i Bergslagen train arriving from Gävle
Tåg i Bergslagen arriving from Mjölby
Arriving at Borlänge

Alfons Åberg here at Borlänge station as well

SJ Intercity back to Stockholm

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