Saturday, January 11, 2020

Ljusne, Iggesund

I'm back in Sweden, and today I will do a trip along the East coast railway (Ostkustbanan). 
View from Stockholm Central in the morning
X55 trains are operating the line from Stockholm to Sundsvall and Umeå

Leaving before 9:00, breakfast is included in the 1st class

Arriving at Söderhamn station. Today I'm visiting Ljusne and Iggesund. These two stations are not served by SJ, instead, I will have to use the X-trafik trains and buses.

Ostkustbanan was partially rebuilt in the 90's and Söderhamn got a new station and a new location in 1995.

The old railway through Söderhamn can still be viewed, now as a pedestrian and bicycle path

Once the railway was passing here
Some parts of the railway are still in place

City hall

Statue of Nathan Söderblom. He was the Church of Sweden Archbishop of Uppsala between 1914 and 1931, and recipient of the 1930 Nobel Peace Prize.
Ulrika Eleonora church
From Söderhamn I'm taking a bus to Ljusne

Bus 64
Ljusne is located near Söderhamn

The industrial railway to Stora Enso paper industry in Ljusne

Valvik Mill
River Ljusnan which is 440km long ends here. This is one of the 18 hydro powerplants along Ljusnan.

Baltic sea

It is almost the middle of January, I'm in the north part of Sweden and there is no snow or ice. Here is the only place I found a bit of ice.

Konstkraft art society has created this outdoor exhibition

Old hotel in Ljusne
Seems abandoned

The newspaper is from 1997

The old railway through Ljusne

The new station

From Söderhamn I will take the X-tåget to Iggesund

X52 9047


Paper industry here in Iggesund as well

Iggesund church

From Iggesund I'm taking a bus to Hudiksvall
Bus map of Hälsingland


Train back to Stockholm
New hot dish in SJ train, sausage with mashed potatoes

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