Sunday, January 5, 2020

Osnabrück, Hamburg

Today I'm taking a trip from Amersfoort to Stockholm in one day. I will start at 07:36 and will arrive at 23:41. It is possible to travel all the way from Amsterdam, but the departure time would then be 07:00. There will be totally 4 trains. 
 The first train is Intercity to Osnabrück
 I have been traveling by this train before, in the opposite direction.

 The train is operated by DB
 The restaurant car
 Breakfast on the train

 The train has a dedicated bicycle compartment
 2nd class coach
 The train is operated with NS Class 1700 until the border with Germany
 In 2023 this type of locomotives and coaches will be replaced with Talgo ECx train on this route

 It was also planned to replace the locomotive change at Bad Bentheim station with multisystem Vectron locomotives in order to reduce the travel time. Well, it is January 2020 and still no multi-system locomotives here
 On the other hand, I find this procedure very entertaining. There is a possibility to visit the station and have some fresh air.

 DB Class 101 will continue the journey of this train
 The multi-system EMU is now operating the line between Germany and Netherlands

 At Osnabrück there is a quick change of trains

 Many passengers are changing trains here

 Next train will be another Intercity to Hamburg

 So far, I have made 2 trains of 4


 Arriving at Hamburg

 Here in Hamburg I will change to another Intercity, this time operated by DSB. It will be a direct train to Copenhagen, now traveling through Padborg, Kolding and Odense.

 The line between Hamburg and Neumünster is very slow
It's getting dark, so I'm not posting any more photos of this day. The last train from Copenhagen to Stockholm was an X2000 and it was also on time.

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