Friday, January 3, 2020


After traveling around Europe during this Christmas and New Year it is time to go back to Sweden. My plan was to take a night train from Cerbere (which is near Barcelona) to Paris, but due to the strike this train was canceled. The only option left would be to take the day train to Paris. The few trains that were running had seats left, even for Interrail passengers. 
 Regional Express train
 Media Distancia train
 The train to Paris from Barcelona. Apparently, there is a dedicated queue line for Interrail/Eurail pass holders.
 TGV to Paris

 A longer stop at Perpignan

 Arriving to Paris

 The next step would be to go from Gare de Lyon to Gare du Nord. Most metro lines did not work, and the few trains on RER were overcrowded.
 The view from the hotel room next to Gare du Nord
 Traffic jam in Paris

 Louvre was open late this day, so it was decided to visit the museum

 All possible art forms are presented at Louvre

 Mona Lisa is the most popular object here

 Thalys trains at Gare du Nord

Empty Gare du Nord late at night

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