Sunday, January 19, 2020


Today I will do a very short but sunny trip to Läggesta and nearby town of Mariefred
 Läggesta is located at the Svealandsbanan that was built in the 90's
 Sörmlandstrafiken bus between Läggesta and Mariefred
 Since the timetable change in December 2019, this line is operated entirely with new ER1, Stadler Kiss Dosto trains.
 This is the Swedish version of the Stadler Dosto train

 4 car EMU's are now operating the line Stockholm-Eskilstuna-Arboga, and Upptåget line Uppsala-Gävle. Later the lines from Stockholm to Hallsberg and Norrköping will be operated with this train. Also, it was announced that Skånetrafiken will have their 3-car version for the line Helsingborg-Copenhagen in some years.

 Mariefred station, now served only with heritage trains during the summer

 Gripsholm castle

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