Saturday, January 18, 2020

Ljusdal, Vallsta

Today I'm traveling to Ljusdal and Vallsta.
 A7 car that previously was used on the Stockholm-Eskilstuna-Arboga line
 ER1 for Upptåget in Gävle



 Train 5923

 Tågab Rc2 in Ljusdal
 Train 80 has today two Rc6 locomotives
 Rc6 1416 and 1403

 The train continues to Åre

 Old railway restaurant

 Not many services between Ljusdal and Ånge
 Artscape Ljusdal is one of the reasons I'm visiting Ljusdal today
 Artscape event has been already taking place in Värmland and Västra Götaland regions, now the time has come for Ljusdal

 Here is a map of all artworks

 Bus to Sveg
 It's the 18th of January and it is 5C
 I'm taking a local bus to Järvsö

 Järvsö station

 X52 9046

 Here in Vallsta I will be observing 5 freight train within a period of about 1h
 First is a heavily delayed train 45980 from Norway (Kongsvinger) to Timrå
 Here in Vallsta, the train has 417 minutes of delay
 Rc4 1172 and 1154

 Train 4325 from Skellefteå to Helsingborg

Rd2 1028 and 1133

 Train 9124 Borlänge-Luleå
 Mb 4005 and 4006 are now used for regular services
 Mb is the new type of locomotives in Sweden, manufactured in Romania

 Riviera of Hälsingland region

 Train 5966 Hallsberg-Ånge

Rc4 1301

 Train 49378 from Norrköping to Piteå
 187 400-6 is a Traxx F160 AC3 LM
 The locomotive is from Railpool, operated by CFL Cargo

 The church in Vallsta

 X52 9043

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