Monday, May 1, 2017


Today I'm making my annual trip to Järvsö. It has now become a tradition, to do a trip to a zoo each winter, and now it's the third time. I have done this trip January 2016, and February 2015. This year the trip is in May.
 Unfortunately the day I planned to do the trip on April 30th, was not a good day for train travellers. All trains were cancelled until afternoon, so I decided to postpone the trip with one day and instead go on May 1st.
 First the train time was changed by 15 min, then 30min, 1hour and so on...
 Empty Stockholm C

 That day I've visited Kungsträdgården instead
 Next day the weather was even better
 On my way to Stockholm Central
 Today all trains are on time
 SJ Intercity train to Åre has a 1st class coach
 And lots of empty seats in 2nd class.

 Uppsala old station, now a restaurant

 New railway at Gamla Uppsala
 The fire is still on from previous day, which was Walpurgis night (Valborg).

 The new railway was opened later in May, so this photo is now historic

 Lena Kyrka
 Even though the railway between Uppsala and Gävle has double tracks all the way and allows speed of 200km/h, our train is re-routed on a side track to let a faster train pass.
 This stop was according to schedule
 The faster train is an X2 to Sundsvall, passing by here at 200km/h

 Shortly after it's a green light for our train
 I think this was one of the most exciting moments during this trip

 Dragon gate, which is currently up for sale


 New line opened in Skutskär
 This is the only place along the way where the sea can be seen
 Gävle railway museum
 UL train
 Regina heaven
 RB7 coach with bistro and playroom for children


 Approaching Ockelbo and the Norther main line from Storvik



 Bollnäs Kyrka

 Passing loop at Simeå
 Rc4 1156 from STAB (Svensk Tågkraft)

 Train continues to Åre


 Still some snow here in May
 Time to enter the zoo

 I could not see this animal during my previous visits here, due to hibernation season

 It's feeding time, and it is attracting all animals including this bird

 Arctic fox


 Scenic view of Hälsingland

 X52 train back to Gävle
 Järvsö Kyrka

 X11 3174 from Transitio


 Hanebo Kyrka
 Railway from Söderhamn


 Water activities in Ockelbo


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