Saturday, April 29, 2017

Örebro södra, Säter

Another Saturday - another trip. This time it will be a round trip to Hallsberg, Örebro, Krylbo, and Säter.
 Leaving Stockholm with Gröna tåget
 Steam boats at Klarastrand
 Hectorrail 242.504 "Mr Potato Head"

 I got a seat at B5 coach
 Shrimp sallad for brunch
 Gröna tåget has no 1st class, but a restaurant coach, with lots of empty seats

 2h later I'm in Hallsberg which is the first stop for this train.

 Some coaches are green
 Some are blue
 My next train is an X51 to Örebro södra

 "LEIF" sticker at the toilet, is a common view in Swedish trains.
 Means "Lägg ej i föremål" - do not throw objects
 Örebro södra, X51 9013 is leaving for further trip to Borlänge

 X52 9037

 During my 1,5h long stay here at Örebro södra, I will watch 12 trains passing by, both freight and passengers. Seems to be a good place for a trainspotting

 First is a Green Cargo train 75180 from Hallsberg to Borlänge
 This train had 5 locomotives
 Rc4 1157 from 1976
 Rc4 1305 from 1981
 Rd2 1028 from 1969 (rebuilt from Rc2 to Rd2 in 2011)
 Re 1433 from 2010
Green Cargo 185 404-1 from 2009

 Next is an X40 train to Göteborg (train number 167)

 X51 9020 to Gävle

 Train 14913 from Vännäs to Nässjö
 Rc4 1175 from 1977

 X51 9021 to Mjölby
 Hector Rail train 40981 to Hallsberg
 243.001 from 2011
 The locomotive is of type Siemens Vectron AC and was originally numbered 193 923 when it belonged to Siemens Mobility. It was sold to Hector Rail in 2016

 Train 5081 from Boden to Hallsberg
 At the same time another train is approaching, it is train 9052 from Göteborg to Borlänge
 Rc4RR from 1977

 Svensk Tågkraft TMX 1012 from 1961
 TMY 1111 from 1956
 TMX and TMY are the old Danish locomotives

 Train 68410 from Rällså to Kristineberg
 Tågab Rc2ÖBB 009 from 1973

 Tågab T43 111 from 1962

 SJ Regional train 172 to Stockholm

 X51 9018
 My next train will be this X52

 TMX 1031
 Railway junction in Frövi
 The train I saw earlier in Örebro is waiting here

 Rd2 1107 in Skinnskatteberg

 Rc4 1275 in Fagersta

 Avesta Krylbo


 One of the most beautiful stations in Sweden - Krylbo

 Railway bridge in Krylbo
 Before going back to Stockholm, I'm taking this train to visit Säter


 Säter is a small cosy town in Dalarna

 Station in Säter

 My train back to Stockholm




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