Saturday, May 20, 2017


A short post about a trip from Laxå to Göteborg on the day of the half marathon "Göteborgsvarvet". During this day I could try different types of older trams arranged by "Spårvägssällskapet Ringlinien".
Saturday morning in Laxå.
According to a sign at the station, it is located exactly in the middle between Göteborg and Stockholm, 229km from each.
My trains today will be X40 as the only ones stopping here. X2 (on the photo) is passing by without stopping.
2h later I'm in Göteborg
First I'm travelling in M25 tram from 1961. The tram has still a left hand side traffic arrangement.

The tram I'm travelling with has a livery from 1980's. M29's with today's livery is seen here in the front.
Chalmerstunnel built in 2000-2002.

Next is a MB01 tram from 1928

M23 from 1949

This tram was used in service until 1975.
Christinae Kyrka

Oscar Fredriks church at the end of Prinsgatan

M8 from 1923


Lilla Bommen
The view from the tram on top of Götaälvbridge

M23 from 1956

M8 from 1923

Runners from the half marathon

Back to Laxå


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