Thursday, May 25, 2017

Stångdalsbanan, Bockabanan, Jönköping

During the next 3 days, I will be travelling around south of Sweden and visiting some stations along the way. Today starting off near Linköping for a trip to Jönköping along Stångdalsbanan and Bockabanan.
 First a railway crossing near Linköping.
 X2 on the way to Linköpng
 Linköping Cathedral - the 2nd largest in Sweden after Uppsala.

 X2 from Linköping
 X12 3191 and 3193 from Linköping to Sala

 My next stop is at Bjärka Säby station
 The station has been non operating since 15 of June 2003

 Bus stop

 Bjärka Säby is a junction stop for Stångdalsbanan (to the right) and Tjustbanan (to the left).
 Between Linköping and Rimforsa System R automatic block signalling is used, but it has be scheduled to be updated to ERTMS Level 2 or ERTMS Regional by 2019.
 Bjärka Säby barn
 Bjärka Säby castle

 Next stop is Rimforsa. I was hoping to see some trains, but they were unfortunately cancelled and replaced with buses this day. In fact during recent years, the amount of cancelled trains has been increasing, so a dedicated website "Fixatå" has been created.

 Kisa roundhouse, now the home to the Stångdalsbanans vänner association.
 Kisa station

Roundhouse is from 1902

Last stop for me today along Stångdalsbanan is Gullringen
No stop here since 2003

Stångdalsbanan continues to Hultsfred and Kalmar.
I'm switching to a nearby railway Bockabanan - also a non-electrified railway between Nässjö and Hultsfred. Regular passenger services were operating here until December 2014.
Mariannelund station has transformed into an art gallery

Today the railway is only used by freight trains operated by Green Cargo
The display is empty
Previously the line was operated by Krösatåget all the way from Nässjö to Oskarshamn. The closure of the line was due to low passenger numbers.


Hjältevad - one of the few stops along the railway where two trains can meet.


Thanks to decreased traffic on the line, this small tree could grow

At Eksjö finally I see a train. After closure of the service to Oskarshamn, one short part remained, from Nässjö to Eksjö, but it looks like for not so long time. The train service will be replaced by bus during Autumn 2017.

Bombardier Itino Y31 train

Eksjö is one of the 3 best preserved wooden towns in Sweden, the other two are Hjo and Nora.
Main square with Town hotel and cavalier statue
Eksjö church

Moving further to the electrified Jönköpingsbanan from Nässjö to Falköping.
No more trains stops here
Old brand "Vättertåg" that has been replaced by "Västtåg" and "Kröstatåg"


Västtåg train to Falköping

Västtåg X50 3292 and 3293
Tågab Rc2ÖBB 002 passing by Jönköping

Tågab is operating Bring containers between Torsvik (outside Jönköping) and Årsta (Stockholm).
The view of Jönköping from City park
Sofia church

Jönköping station

The beach of lake Vättern

Kristine church

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