Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hässleholm, Älmhult

Today I'm travelling to Hässleholm for visit at model railroad association event.
 I'm taking an early X2 train from Stockholm, here passing by Norrköping rail yard.
 Da 887 locomotive "Falköpings terminal" from 1955
 Johannisborg castle
 Annie Lööf
 "Här förbereder vi för Ostlänken" is the message of this billboard. Planning for new high speed railway Ostlänken between Stockholm and Linköping is on the way

 The new chicken burger meal is very tasty
 This is where I get off - Hässleholm
 Hässleholm is one of Sweden's busiest stations


 To get to the model railway exposition, I'm taking this bus to Garnisonen - a former military area used by the military between 1907 and 2000.
 New scanning device at Skånetrafiken bus

 Soldiers were trained here
 One of the hangars is now home for the model railway museum
 Exposition is representing several stations in Skåne

 Sösdala is located south of Hässleholm along the Södra Stambanan railway

 Finja is located near Hässleholm at Skånebanan



 This day, there was another exposition - Lego

 It's a warm day - actually one of first warm days this year

 Bus back to station
 Central Hässleholm

 Local advertisement

 My next train is this X11 to Osby



 Bröderna Ivarsson founded BRIO - wooden toy company here in Osby

 Wood sculpture by Sven-Ingvar Johansson

 Next is this train to Älmhult


 Älmhult is the home town of world known furniture store Ikea
 Ikea hotell
 Ikea museum
 First Ikea opened here in 1953

 A room from the 90's
 Famous bag
 Photo of an Ikea train

 There is an excellent lunch restaurant here, service a luxury version of Ikea food

 A cafe in Älmhult


 X2 to Stockholm, but I'm not taking this one back

 I'm taking X31 to Alvesta for further journey with Snälltåget back home
 During May there are railway works at South Mainline, one track is closed

 Vectron locomotive of Snälltåget
 Old fashioned compartment coaches is only used by Snälltåget in Sweden

 Some windows can't be opened, some can't be closed. This train is old.
 The highest point along the railway between Stockholm and Malmö is here, just south of Nässjö

 Approaching Nässjö

 A good beer is served here
 Meeting another Snälltåget train


 A small house on an old bridge pylon

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