Friday, May 26, 2017

Kust till kust banan, Karlskrona

2nd day of my trip around south of Sweden starts in Jönköping. First I'm following the branch railway of HNJ (Halmstad-Nässjö Järnväg) from Jönköping to Vaggeryd.
The railway is called Vaggerydbanan, and here I'm visiting Hovslätt
Hovslätt is very close to Jönköping, and one of the stops for Krösatåg line to Värnamo and Halmstad.

Next stop is Norrahammar
Old logotype of JLT (Jönköpings Länstrafik).

The train stops only when the dedicated sign is switched on
Y32 train is arriving
Y32 1411

Since I'm travelling by car, I can catch up same train at the later stop which is Månsarp

From Månsarp I'm switching off to Bor which is located further south along Kust till kust railway.
Coast to coast railway from Göteborg to Kalmar consists of 5 separate railways.
Since 2008 the station is operated by Krösatåg commuter trains from Värnamo to Växjö.
Horda station is however not operated anymore.

X11 3184


SJ Regional is operating a service along whole stretch from Göteborg to Kalmar.


X31 from Copenhagen to Kalmar is passing by here in Gemla
Öresundståg does not stop here

Gemla station is operated by Krösatåg since 2013
The station is now a cafe

X11 3175 to Älmhult

Lessebo station
Lessebo is operated by SJ Regional and Öresundståg
Tågab train is waiting for departure
Rc1 1014

Train drivers
Passing by JAS Gripen figher jet
Stationsgatan in Lessebo
Skruv station

Öresundståg passing by Skruv
Örsjö station re-opened in 2014
It is now possible to take a train from Kalmar to Karlskrona and many intermediate stations
SJ Regional

Quickomat for ticket purchasing
Last stop that I'm visiting today along Kust till kustbanan is Emmaboda. When the railway was built it was decided that Emmaboda would be a junction station for the two railway branches, one for Kalmar, other one for Karlskrona with equal distances to Emmaboda.

The branch railway from Emmaboda to Karlskrona is today operated only by Krösatåg

I'm now heading to Karlskrona and visiting Visselfjärda station
Looks like the old JLT logotype

The railway between Emmaboda and Karlskrona was modernised during 2011-2014 and opened with two new stations: Visselfjärda and Holmsjö.

X11 3135 in Visselfjärda

Holmsjö is located almost in between the two towns

X11 3135

Holmsjö is located in Blekinge, hence the ticket machine is from Blekingetrafiken

Rödeby station was once located here

Not much left of the station
At the end I arrive to Karlskrona, the view from my hotel

Trefaldighetskyrkan, preparing for Karlskrona pride

Lighthouse at Stumholmen island

Bastion Hafsfrun

Car ferry to Aspö island

Stena Line ferry from Karlskrona to Gdynia
Naval museum

HMS Jarramas from 1900

Statue of Karl XIII at Hoglands park
Karlskrona railway station

My hotel for the night
South Swedish Rally was arranged the day of my visit

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