Sunday, November 20, 2022

Italy - part 5

This will be my last post from Italy for this trip
I'm on my way from Trento region to Brescia and further to Milan
At the station of Peri, I can spot some morning trains
494 213, CFI - Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A.

193 656, Lokomotion
193 702 and 193 710, Mercitalia Rail S.r.l.

Domegliara -  S.Ambrogio
Here it is - Ambrogio intermodal
Mercitalia/DB Cargo


After reaching Domegliara, I'm switching on to Verona-Brescia railway, and my favourite station of Lonato
494 037

652 135

494 509

405 022

Steel products from Feralpi Stahl 

Really old wagons here, all from different manufacturers

Visiting Rocca di Lonato

There is a nice view of lake Garda from here

Museo Civico Ornitologico Gustavo Adolfo Carlotto

Can also spot Brescia from here

Ponte S. Marco-calcinato
494 502

EU43 - 008

Tonight I'm staying in Brescia - actually in the same B&B hotel I was staying at this Spring - it was cheap, clean, and centrally located.
Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Today I will be leaving Italy, so I'm heading to Malpensa airport, with some stops on my way

At Villamaggiore I'm hoping to spot some freight trains, but today is Sunday and there is not much freight traffic

Intercity Notte

I'm finishing my journey just where I started it - at Rho station
Here, there is some freight traffic - all trains arriving from Switzerland
494 005 is a real beauty

TGV from Paris
193 259, SBB Cargo International

193 348

193 328

Enjoying my lounge visit at the airport

Time to say goodbye for this visit

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