Friday, November 18, 2022

Italy - part 4

It's my second week in Italy, and now it's getting a bit cold up north
I'm in the region of Trento, the station of Serravalle
Brenner railway between Munich-Innsbruck-Verona is located here
The line is of great importance for freight traffic between Italy and Germany
193 666 and 186 285, RTC - Rail Traction Company S.p.A.
D, A, I, H, CZ, PL, SK, HR, SLO

German cars on the way to Verona

EU43 007 and 001

193 554 and 193 556, TXL - TX Logistik AG

In between all the freight trains, there is some occasional passenger trains

Mercitalia and DB Cargo

Eurocity to Verona

EU43 006

1293 042 and 1293 046

193 351 and 193 710

189 931, TXL

412 012

189 903, RTC

193 655, InRail

193 757, TXL


My dinner one on of the evenings
Visiting Trento on the other evening

Here one can taste the food and beverages of South Tyrol region

The next day I'm continuing my exploration of the Brenner railway
At Ala station I can spot TX Logistik

186 286, Medway


A small obelisk outside Ala station

At Borghetto I'll some more trains
189 987 and 189 101, TX Logistik
189 101 is freshly repainted with Akiem livery

At some point I got accompanied by Italian police, not sure why they came to see me, perhaps one of the train drivers reported. After checking my ID, they left
ETR 600

Finally, the sun is coming out, even if it's just for a while. This is perfect for November

483 315, Medway

This locomotive can only be used in Italy, so there will a change of locomotives in Brennero

494 510


FAI - Castello di Avio

Eurocity Brenner

412 005

TXL/Akiem is back from Verona

494 024

186 286

193 773

EU43 001 at Lavis

464 557

FS Class 405 at Magré-Cortaccia

Egna - Termeno

Now the sun is gone behind the mountains
189 902

Last visit for today is at the northern point of Lake Garda


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